my little disclaimer

i just want to lay out a little bit of legal information. please let me know if you have additional questions!

  • Kimberly Renee Design is written solely by Kimberly Renee. i just want to share my life, my home and my heart with you all fine folks. i’m not an expert (although slowly making my way through the architectural registration exam) so i can not claim any responsibility on the way i do things around here. if you follow a tutorial, i advise you do your own extra research for your own home or art projects.
  • Kimberly Renee Design reserves the right to remove, replace or move any images or content without prior announcement. all photos that aren’t taken by me, my Husbuddy or with permission from someone i know, are credited to the source. all photos not credited to an outside source have been taken by Kimberly Renee and are rights protected. failure to link back and credit my site is a rights violation.
  • Kimberly Renee is a for profit blog. it contains (or will contain soon) paid advertisements that are clearly marked on the sidebar. i also occasionaly share affiliate links.
  • Kimberly Renee is not paid for any giveaways and will only work with companies that i truly believe in and want to share with my readers.
  • Privacy Policy: Kimberly Renee Design does not share or use any information provided for giveaways or prizes, but solely uses the information you provide to get you what you need.

there ya go. i’m not a lawyer and don’t think i wrote things exactly right, but i wanted to cover my bases for you! thanks for understanding!

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- to learn more about me check out my about page!

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