adventures in the poconos with graham

S and G  

Sophie has a little buddy who is two months younger. we’ve mentioned him before. Graham is the adorable little brother of Owen, sons of our friends from Princeton.

we were blessed with a free cabin in the Poconos for a couple of days earlier this month. SO FUN to get away and catch up with these friends!

2014-08-13 15.51.19

there were walks and games and long chats…oh and a trip to the casino. that was where the starbucks was, fools. ha. {WHY do i have a creeper face?! why why why?}

sharon and graham

the two kiddos were really just curious of each other the whole weekend.


2014-08-14 16.39.31

graham seemed curious of all the hair and all the loud noises that Sophia wants to make. sophia seemed interested in grabbing his poor little face whenever she could. oi. when they’re toddling around, i’m sure they will be fast friends…and graham will be able to fend for himself!

2014-08-14 10.07.43-2

there was also much cuddles and fun time with daddy. he’s been busy this summer and sometimes it feels like we hardly see him! Sophia loved having a few days with him!

almost crawling!

oh and this girl wants to crawl… SO.BAD.

cabin family pic

we stuck the girl in a swimsuit one day to see how she liked the lake.

at the cabin

she really didn’t have a choice. i’m a bossy mother like that.

lake pocono lake pocono2

well at least there were two of us bossy mothers.

can we talk about how baby girls get skimpy little swimsuits and baby boys get covered head to toe? hmmm.

2014-08-13 11.09.22 HDR

the sand was a fun experience!

in the lake2

and i think the lake was too!

in the lake

well she’s at least good at making you believe she loved it. haha. what a fun little adventure.

has anyone else been to the poconos? where do you go? what do you like to do up there?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to adventures in the poconos with graham

  1. Sharon Estes September 3, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

    Augh, the cuteness!!!!! Sophia Grace + Graham Lawrence FOREVER!!!!!

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