allow me to introduce::

   Sophia Grace

baby girl

today is her 2 week old birthday.

she was born January 4, 2014 at 5:33 am.

she weighed 7 lbs 1.2 oz and is 20 inches long.


we made it through 45+ hours of labor after a week of contractions. i’ll spare you all the gory details, but needless to say we were thankful to make it through without a c-section!

family first morning

my parents were even there right in time to meet her that morning!

Sophia with Grandpa

my dad was leaving for a business trip that afternoon, so she arrived just in time.

first morning nana and papa

it was about 9 years ago, when we were on one of our very first dates, that this moment was predicted.

let me explain: we were walking around a mall in Seattle. my boyfriend of about a month had brought me home to meet his parents. we were just wasting time before a dinner reservation. we walked into a Thomas Kinkade store and were trying to decide which painting we’d most like to walk into right then, when the store employee walked up and started chatting with Husbuddy. my sweet then-boyfriend is a very friendly guy, so the conversation seemed to last forever

when OUT OF NOWHERE this employee tells us; and i quote, ” you two will make some really cute kids someday.”

with daddy at hospital

AH! that is where i screamed and told him he had no right telling a 18 year old girl that. i was totally flustered and just marched right out of the store.

but husbuddy just laughed. he was already convinced that we were going to be married some day, so he was just working on convincing me of that.

  master swaddler  

well, two weeks ago, i reminded husbuddy about that and said that the Thomas Kinkade employee must have had a vision from the Lord, because, we did, indeed make the cutest little girl, ever

leaving hospital

sorry, i know there are a lot of other cute little girls out there… but i’m pretty biased about this one.

daddy at hospital

i am so in love. 

leaning against me

thank you for all your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks as we are learning how to do this parenting thing! i hope to catch up with more photos soon as sweet little Sophie seems to be changing! if you want to see the most recent photos, check out my instagram, it’s the easiest way for me to post photos at the moment.

xoxo-kimberly renee {and family}

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