an amish high chair

high chair2

there has only been one thing i’ve really wanted to get for baby girl the last few months. and that was a vintage wooden high chair.

a lot of my friends up in MA found some really cool old high chairs in antique stores or thrift shops. but here, in amish country, they are ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. ha. and i really wanted one because i really didn’t want a plastic one. so, it was one of those things i’ve been saving for since i knew we needed to get one. it’s not vintage, but it’s classic and beautiful and amish made. how fun is that? i think the locals may laugh at this very toursity thing we did but i love it. and i love that this will be something that will last beautifully.

high chair

Sophia thinks it’s fun too

. high chair3


i took these pictures the first day, and since then we did order some straps to be able to fasten her in securely. so don’t worry! i guess the amish don’t worry about such things. ha!


xoxo-kimberly renee

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