…and i forgot to wear deodorant…

we went for a pretty sweet bike ride today

when i tell people we go mountain biking in NJ, they either look at me like i’m crazy or are really impressed that we’re so hard core…

let me tell you, we’re anything BUT hardcore 🙂

{even though we like to pretend}… see…

we stop and take lots of pictures,

ride at a slow pace while listening to the twittering birds,

drink lots of water,

walk across pretty bridges  over little creeks,

we gaze at all the various types of trees that exist in this part of the country while pushing our bikes up the hills,

we get a little sweaty in the sunshine because the trails are just so easy breezy,

and we explore lots of new areas around New Jersey that we’d never see otherwise!

so see, really, we’re not THAT hard core, i promise. all that dirt and mud is just to show off.

{although, it IS pretty fun to pretend to be hardcore with my Husbuddy 🙂 }

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  1. Elizabeth May 31, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Your blog posts make me so happy! I love you Holdermans!

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