and she turns 2

she’s just so big! so big2

these pictures were taken on her birthday. they are honest to goodness just real life- socks falling off, hair crazy as usual, climbing up on things and being a goof. it’s all here in these photos. the day started out with a special-made hot chocolate from Daddy. we sang happy birthday to her and she LOVED it. she kept singing “happy” all day! she doesn’t have him wrapped around her finger or anything… tee hee…

birthday girl hot choco

Sophia is such a delight. that’s my word for her this year. i just want to keep telling her(you know, after i discipline her for the umpteenth time that no, we don’t just go and reward ourselves chocolate all day) that really, she is a delight. some days it’s easier to tell her then others. but i feel like she just needs to know that that’s what i think of her- no matter how much trouble she gets into! ha.

2 year smile2 on the bed at 2 years old Sophia:

  • loves to dance, jump, run, splash in puddles, go down slides, -all the toddler things!
  • climbs everything. she can even climb up the stools in our kitchen which scares me to death!
  • sings “let it go” over and over and over in her own special way. everything frozen is her FAVORITE ever.
  • is potty trained (mostly-again, some days are better then others!)
  • loves to give hugs
  • loves her boots
  • each night before she goes to bed, i tell her we are going to pray and i ask her what she’d like to thank Jesus for. the list usually goes something like; “Papa, Nana, Mimi, Nomnom, Me, Dada, Mama…” you can see where i rank on the list. LOL.
  • Mimi just visited though, so at the moment, Mimi is the favorite on the list! (sorry Papa!)
  • loves animals. it’s so fun to spot animals on our drives around lancaster county and she also asks for “more.”
  • tries to make me laugh with her laugh. she does this to Dada and Nana too. she knows she’s way too cute when she does it.
  • loves to read. we try to do blanket time- sometimes it works, sometimes it’s snuggle on the couch time- but she’s usually always interested in books
  • likes to draw, play with playdoh, paint. she is a very busy little girl!

hugs hugs! 2 years buddies buddies for life.

birthday dinner birthday girl excited about cake  her birthday dinner was Chik-fil-A since we had a busy night with our community group coming over. the silly faces was because i had just told her that we were going to have ice cream cake at home and we were going to sing happy birthday! haha.    ham  here we go, i can’t believe we’re in the 2 year old stage! if you think of it, pray for us! ha

xoxo-kimberly renee

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