Anniversary Adventures {part 2}


IMG_2505_morning fog

the next morning {after sleeping up in the loft with a tiny little ladder}we woke up to this beautiful view. the fog was breathtaking.



for the  second day of our anniversary adventure we headed up into Shenandoah National Park and drove along Skyline Drive. it was fun to be in “mountains” again. we reminisced of Idaho and Montana and Washington and Colorado… we maybe should have not reminded ourselves of those beautiful places we still think of as “home“… even so, we really tried to soak up  the beauty and the views.

have any of you ever been there? it really is beautiful!



we took turns driving because Skyline Drive is a drive along ridge of mountains. it’s really twisty with views at every other turn so we wanted to have equal time just looking.

IMG_2542_JT and camera

it was so fun to be able to see so far! it’s such a rare occurrence out here in the East and we miss big sky and sweeping views of the west.

IMG_2535_at skyline drive

we drove for a while, pulling off at view points. then we stopped at the hike that Husbuddy had planned for us. we had researched it and had found one of the most recommended hikes to a waterfall view.

i can imagine the waterfall would be quite the sight in spring/early summer.

it was a little bit of a disappointment in the middle of august… not going to lie.


especially since there were probably 50 other people down there when we were. womp womp.

oh well. like i said, we shouldn’t have reminisced about the west prior to this…


it was still really pretty and we really enjoyed a little hike and getting out in nature! and it was SO different than any hike we’ve ever done before because you start at the top. see, we were driving along the ridge, so when you pull of to go on a hike, you hike down first.

that means you have the hard hike all the way back up at the end. kind of backwards from normal! ha. and this prego lady did her fair share of huffing and puffing. hee hee. but it was so worth it! i love to hike and it was fun to get out!



this is me at the end of the hike barely able to breathe and totally sweaty acting super excited because Husbuddy wanted to show how excited we were to be on a little bit of the appalachain trail {behind me}.

IMG_2605_app trail

after the hike we finished the drive back to the cabin and spent the evening relaxing and reading next to the view.

IMG_2611_in front of mountains

we had such a wonderful anniversary adventure! it was so wonderful i even cried on the way home because i was so sad it was over. i blame my pregnancy hormones!

i’m blessed with such a wonderful man to share life with and to go on adventures with. i thank God for him every day. Happy 7th Anniversary sweetheart!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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