Anniversary Adventures

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so, it’s been almost two weeks since our anniversary and i have yet to share about our adventures! and adventures did we have!

we took a little trip to Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park. it was a glorious couple of days away together.


when we were young and naive {as in, when we first got married} we told each other that we’d make EVERY anniversary special. we feel it’s so important to celebrate another year together. a year of love and life that may have had ups and downs just like every other year, but another year. another gift. it’s SO important to us to celebrate and remember!

some years we’ve barely had the money or time to do anything more than a nice dinner. one year we went white water rafting. another year we took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. this year we really, really didn’t have the money to do anything… but we planned it far enough in advance to save up for it and to spread out the costs.

our big adventure was finding a historic cabin on airbnb  on top of a mountain with a view.

IMG_2465_cabin window

isn’t it cute? apparently, back in the day, Stonewall Jackson stayed here!! what what?! it blew our minds that we were looking out little windows that someone famous may have looked out of. of course it was updated with plumbing and electricity.


the best part of the cabin was the view:

IMG_2452_cabin front porch

and the claw foot tub. it was a 4′ tub so a grown man barely fits! let alone a prego. but it was still so fun and part of the adventure of the weekend!

IMG_2444_cabin tub

the evening we arrived we went into C-ville and had a nice anniversary dinner. it was so fun to dress up and go exploring and just pick a place without knowing if it’d be good or not. the place we picked was really good. we aren’t used to southern flavors at all, so it was fun to try new things.  the only thing that made me sad was that i couldn’t have a glass of wine. oh man, do i miss a good glass of wine every now and then!!

IMG_2486_anniversary dinner

but Husbuddy had wine as well as the duck. he loves trying the duck at almost every fancy restaurant we go to. it totally cracks me up. he’s cute though, so i let it slide. hee hee.

IMG_2489_love him

then we walked around the mall. we found a chalkboard wall that has chalk lying there for anyone who wants to write on it. how fun is that?! of course Husbuddy had to graffiti our names on it and a #7…with a heart. see, i told you he was cute.


it was a lovely start to our 7th anniversary adventure! the next day we went for a fun drive and a hike. more on that next time.

IMG_2490_anniversary dinner

so what about you? do you feel it’s important to celebrate anniversaries and milestones too? do you go on adventures with your loved one just to celebrate each other? i’d love to hear!

xo-kimberly renee

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One Response to Anniversary Adventures

  1. Karen August 30, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    What a great getaway! Yes, Rich and I always do something special for our anniversary. Two of the best places we’ve been to are Charleston, SC and Niagara Fall, Canada. This year we hope to go to the Fingerlakes and do some wine tasting. Our anniversary is in September but we’ll probably put off our little vacation until the beginning of November since the beginning of the school year is so busy. I might have to talk to you about your trip…sounds like something Rich and I might enjoy! So glad to have you at Bellevue and I look forward to getting to know you. Your blog/website is great!

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