anthro-inspired yarn wreath DIY

it seems like all i want to do these days is make things. i don’t seem to have time for it though, because i really should be studying for my next architectural registration exam… but here i am today, to share  a tutorial for making an anthropology inspired wreath.

i LOVE this wreath from Anthro-i love the fluffyness and the yarn “snowballs” just make me happy.  but they’re sold out and it probably would have exceeded my budget of…well, $0 anyway…

so i was inspired to try to make my own. i used what yarn we had because i’m going for free here… but i like that it’s a little bit fall with the off-white color but it also could be used for Christmas decorating and it seemed pretty easy.  i actually already have plans on giving this little beauty away so i’m going to have to make another one… ha!

i can’t claim the credit for this tutorial because there are plenty of people who’ve made better ones on pinterest. i followed a little bit of Lemonade Makin Mama’s tutorial, so go check that out! her’s looks more like snowballs because it’s white and she messed up the yarn a bit more to make it more fluffy.  how to make a fluffy wreath first, cut a wreath base out of cardboard. this was easy for me since i still have boxes laying all over the place! i just used a bowl to trace the outside size of circle i wanted and then a smaller bowl for the inside cut out.

step1 cut cardboard


then make a million little pompoms. LLM’s tutorial shows a step by step how to do this but all you have to do is wrap the yarn around your hand 10 times or so and then cut it and carefully set the roll down. then use a smaller piece of yarn to tie the yarn in the center so that you get a little ball of yarn tied in the middle. then you cut the ends and the center piece becomes the center of the pompom.

if you want more ball-like pompoms you need to wrap the yarn more times around your hand. i liked mine a little more loose.

step2 make lots of pompoms


as i made the pompoms i laid them out on the frame to make sure i had enough

step3 lay out pompoms

then to attach, just hot glue the pompoms to the cardboard frame. i started with an outside row and then an inner row. then i filled in where it needed.

step4 hotglue

then i added a ribbon hook, i just hot glued it on the back.  i also got fancy with some pretty green ribbon with some wire.  {the green ribbon is french and vintage that i had in my stash… classing things up around here! lol}

step5 add bow

yay! hang it up and stand back and admire.

sometimes i think it kind of looks like shag carpet. so it’s a little bit ugly and completely adorable at the same time. lol.

completed wreath

so fun! for my second one, i think i’m going to try to make the pompoms look more like balls… we’ll see how that goes!  i’m planning on using this as a prize for a raffle/giveaway at the next church craft day… who wants to win it?

xoxo-kimberly renee






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3 Responses to anthro-inspired yarn wreath DIY

  1. Louise November 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    I love your inspirational readings (writings) and your ‘crafty’ ideas! Makes me want to leave my full time job…..hehehe! Since that is not going to happen this looks like a fun and inexpensive evening project and I have lots of yarn!!!! Thank you for the gift of you! Maybe I will win it??????

  2. Sherri Brown November 6, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    This is really cute and classy all at one time. I used to do stuff like this when I used to be super mom!

  3. Sharon Estes November 17, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    Love it! I have a bunch of yarn and tried this out tonight. Actually, I only got as far as making a zillion pom poms…I had to stop and will break out the glue gun later. It’s awesome, though–so fun and forgiving! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love you, dear one!

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