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hey friends! i’ve been totally MIA lately, sorry about that! i just wanted to share a little what we’ve been up to! here’s a few pics from everyday life around here: goats we’ve visited the petting zoo in Intercourse. she LOVED the goats… reminds me of this little video of her:

“Wake up the goat!” #noideawhatshesreallysayingbutitshilarious

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sandbox we got a sandbox. and she LOVES it. it’s one of the only things that will hold her attention for longer then 15 minutes. hallelujah!  sandbox2

at the end of may i enlisted Husbuddy to be in charge at home while a few friends and i ran a 5k! we did the color run and it was SO.MUCH.FUN!! we may have walked most of it because one girl just had surgery, one girl was 24 weeks pregnant and well, the other two of us just didn’t get it all together to be in shape… but it was still so much fun! we are SO going to do this next year. maybe we’ll even run it ALL… hee hee color run  before excitement! color run2  at the finish line color run3  yay! happiest 5k! color run4 we even got medals. whoo hoo! this was just before we opened packets of glitter and covered each other even more. ha. SO fun! {let’s not talk about how much Husbuddy freaked over the glitter when i got home…} mall walking  we’ve had a few walk dates. some inside, some outside. this was the cutest when our friends Hailey and Hannah held Sophia’s hand while we walked around the mall on a rainy day. i couldn’t resist asking for a photo! haha Sophia looks a little nervous. blueberries this face. has me smiling all the time. she loves  blueberries with her special breakfast of french toast! i’ve only made it a couple times… and i think from now on i need to remove all items of clothing… blueberries2 it’s hard to not want to give her blueberries every day when i get smiles like this. cleaning stinker and momma’s had a cleaning itch… RARE. i know. it’s hard to get things really “clean” though when a little miss wants to be in charge of the sweeping, swiffering, and vacuuming! the vacuum gets a little out of hand, i haven’t got a picture of that yet. but look how proud she is to help out! haha cleaning stinker2 cleaning stinker3 diy pool we’ve had some pretty hot and humid days. last week i diy-ed my own little kiddie pool… it kind of worked! she doesn’t know the difference yet at least! and we could both cool down! (her from sitting and splashing and me from all the splashing!) diypool  and she will probably kill me when she’s a teenager for posting this pic… ha. so much cuteness.

well, that’s it for today. hopefully i’ll share more soon. i’ve so many projects going and i keep meaning to share! ha.

what about you? how has life been for you the past couple of weeks?


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  1. Sherri Brown June 21, 2015 at 8:36 am #

    Really fun pictures!! Thank you for sharing!

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