auntie’s visit

getting dressed

last weekend Auntie Amy came to visit! we had so much fun with her!

outfit showoff

she even helped dress Sophia every day. i think auntie enjoyed that the most. hee hee. {those shoes! auntie made them for baby girl so it was so fun for her to get to put them on!}


needless to say, Sophia was in total love of her aunt.


cutest thing ever! she would just stare at her and laugh with her. she actually started laughing the most we’ve ever seen with her auntie. so cute!!

oh you

“oh there you are momma. go away now so i can enjoy my time with auntie amy”

oh there you are

bawhaha. at least that’s what i think she’s saying. i think she also is wondering what that giant black thing in front of my face is.


but i was able to catch a little smile!

happy girls

we were just SO HAPPY to have her here!


the weekend went way too fast. we visited Lancaster, we worked on a few projects {a couple diy posts coming soon!} and we watched Pride and Prejudice {because that’s just what you do with your sister and your auntie} and we went for a little adventure to Philadelphia on Amy’s last day before we dropped her off at the airport.

independence hall

here’s the serious Independence Hall shot.


here’s the fun one with my phone. ha.we are so excited to see a little history! haha. aaannndd… we can tell who the “weird” sister is and who the pretty one is, don’t you think? lol. Amy is so gorgeous!

not impressed by independence

Sophia wasn’t really impressed by the whole touristy/historic tour. we tried to explain how much fun history was and why she should love it. because, duh,  we do! but she didn’t believe her mother OR her aunt, can you believe it? ha. maybe when she’s older we’ll be able to get her more excited about it.

liberty bell

the crack in the liberty bell was our main stopping point. we didn’t have time for an independence hall tour because we wanted to grab lunch before the airport. that just means she has to come back for another visit! right?! i mean, at the very least she HAS to visit independence hall.

reading term

for lunch i took her to my favorite lunch place in Philly.

reading terminal crepes

the french crepe place in Reading Terminal Market! holla!


she loved it almost as much as i did. and really, the main reason to go is that the Market is such a crazy experience for us western folk who don’t live anywhere near this kind of density.

reading terminal market

reading terminal

i don’t know who cried more when she left, Sophia or me. ha. no really, we cried. {she may have just cried because she was hungry, but we’ll say it’s because Amy said goodbye!}  i’m so thankful that she came and it was SO fun to see Sophia fall in love with her auntie Amy!

 xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to auntie’s visit

  1. Sherri Brown March 18, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

    You and your sister look so much alike!!! Which Pride and Prejudice did you watch? That’s one of my two favorite movies – National Velvet is the other.

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