a baby book {DIY}

so…i’ve spent the last 6 months looking for a good baby book.
i finally gave up.
they were either WAY over my price range or too … i don’t know… silly. baby-gibberish-barnyard animal-type stuff.

so i decided to make my own! it took a couple hours one night. but that’s it. super easy y’all! so here is a little tutorial so you can make your own, if you so desire.

how to diy babybook

i saw that YHL made theirs so i knew that i could make mine. oh young house love, giving such confidence to the rest of us. when they made theirs, they typed a bunch of pages on WORD and have downloadable versions and even have downloadable pdfs if you’d like to go that route. but i didn’t want it to be that constrained and i didn’t like the word-processed look. i wanted my own thing and i wanted it to be pretty. aka… i decided to make an art project out of it.



  •  8×8 scrapbook from michaels {40% off holla!}
  • a refill package so that i had 20 pages(40 really when you count front and back) total
  • decorative insertable cards, like these from project life Baby edition:  {SO-if you do project life– i imagine it would be a lot easier to use their set up of just sticking it in the sleeves! but this was my first time trying it out… i have to say it was SO much fun to have little pre-made cards with fun words and colors!}
  • scissors, stamps, stickers, glue dots, pretty paper…whatever else i already had and whatever else you need to put your album together the way you want.


this picture of the project-life cards pretty much sums up how awesome they are! so.much.fun. i ended up only spending about 20$ total on all my supplies because of the michael’s coupons and sales going on. that’s WAY cheaper than any book i found online or in a store and i love that it is so much more personal.

how to do it:

first i cut out pretty paper to put in every sleeve. there is no perfect way to do this and i use a different pattern on each page. i’m pretty sure the graphic-design police would arrest me… but oh well. i still think it’s cute.

i made a list of how i wanted the book laid out. here’s how it went:

  1. baby name + footprints
  2. announcement pics/ultra sound
  3. baby bump photos
  4. showers and predictions
  5. hospital pics and info
  6. birth announcement and more characteristics
  7. welcome home/meeting puppcakes
  8. first time(s)
  9. (12 pages total) month by month
  10. 1st year photo

then i added a couple of cards to each page. some of them i taped on, some i just stuck in the sleeves loose to tape on when i actually have a picture to lay out in there.

here’s the first page. why yes, sweet Miss A (my sister who hates surprises is dying for me to tell her baby girl’s name) i blurred out her name! lol.


as you can see, i just have a little sticky note in place where i want the footprints. i am bringing one of the larger decorative cards to get her footprints at the hospital. then, when i get home, i can just tape it in the book!


i ordered copies of some of my photos from the past nine months. like this one where we announced we were prego and this one when we announced we were having a girl. i’ll paste them in here when i get them. you can also see that some of the cards are just floating in the plastic sleeves. i figure when i get all the pictures, i can tape them down how i want to. i don’t have to do it all right now.


our predictions page. {we better make some of those predictions! it could be too late soon! lol}


a hospital page with room for photos.


more baby info page. and hopefully i get around to making a birth announcement sometime in January… we’ll see!


a page for firsts… with room for some pictures.


here’s a close up for the month by month cards. this is probably the part that took the longest. i didn’t do much else for these pages but i wanted them all to have a stamped title.

month example

so i taped down the title in the corner of each page and then threw in some decorative cards…again, to be organized when i get the pictures printed. i also have a big card for each month where i  plan to write important things about that month like, a funny thing she did, what she likes, how much she weighs, etc.

month example2

and that’s it! super easy! {especially with the decorative cards!} and i think i love that it’s a little LOT more personal then anything i could have bought for her.

so have any of you ever made a baby book? i’m thinking this would be a pretty awesome gift for other expectant mothers… what do you think?

xoxo-kimberly renee

{ps, i was not paid or solicited to talk about project life. i just wanted to try it out and share it with you guys!} 


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  1. karen December 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    This looks great! I think it would be an excellent gift for an expectant mom.

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