baby bump {update + review}

and just this week, i’ve heard more comments about my size then ever before. i’ve been told i “look like a house”, that”must be one HUGE baby”, that i “look REALLY pregnant”, “exceptionally large”…and oh the list goes on. it’s hilarious…at first. as long as i don’t think too much about it. ha.

39 weeks

6 days till d-day! in honor of my final days of the bump… here’s a review of baby’s growth over the last 6 months: baby bump compile 12-19 baby bump compile 20-27 baby bump compile 28-36 37 weeks   38 weeks

and today this week we’ve hit 39! she’s kicking and i’ve been having some contractions, so we’re all hopeful she’ll come sooner than later…think positive people!

39 weeks trip


and since it’s only fair since this is his adventure too, here’s Husbuddy at 39 weeks. he looks ready, don’tcha think?

39 weeks husbuddy

xoxo-kimberly renee



One Response to baby bump {update + review}

  1. Dana December 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Hang in there Kim and JT, the last couple of weeks are the longest! And you look great, there are many women who wish they were in your shoes. 🙂

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