baby bump {an update}

let’s just say, i feel like a beached whale.

first look at way back in June when i first spilled the beans:


i was barely starting to show!

now look at November:

32,33,34 you laugh and think i’m joking about feeling like a whale… but no sireee…. this gal has 5 more weeks and she feels like she’s as big as she could get! {and yet she knows that she is going to watch in amazement as her belly gets bigger and bigger!}

why am i talking in 3rd person? i don’t know.

what i’d like to know is how much baby-girl is enjoying her little stay in there…because she is kicking LIKE CRAZY.

also, let’s talk about cravings. back in the beginning of this little pregnancy, i actually craved orange juice and fruit. silly me thinking i was so awesome for craving healthy things! i wanted orange juice every meal of every day. that’s a little expensive so i limited it…

then, this fall i craved all things donut/cinnamon roll/and candy. lol. my little sister thought it was hilarious because that’s so not me! i can have a donut once in a while, of course…but i’ve always been able to restrain myself before. it was like there was no.restraint… it was bad.

well, since the middle of October the cravings have been soft-serve ice cream…which means i’ve been to McDonalds more in the last month than…well… EVER. because where else do you get soft serve ice cream late at night? that’s cheap? oi!

that, my dear friends, is why i feel like a beached whale. i blame it all on the crazy sweets that baby girl HAS.TO.HAVE.

hee hee. already, she’s too cute to say no to.

another funny thing…why am i wearing the same necklace on week 32 AND week 33? i’ve worn it only 2 times in the last 9 months. and i happened to take the picture both times. serious pregnancy brain…let me tell you!

thanks for being sweet in your comments to me even when you’re thinking, “man, she looks like a beached whale!” because if you really told me what you were thinking i’d probably end up in a pile of pregnancy-hormone-tears. so really, even though i know you’re all lying to me, i appreciate how often you all say how cute i am with the bowling-ball-bump. you’re the best. hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps: let’s just remember how cute Puppycakes was back in June. he seemed pretty excited to be a big brother. should i remind him of this as he starts to get super whiny and sad about how much we’re neglecting him?

big brother




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2 Responses to baby bump {an update}

  1. Sherri Brown November 21, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Pregnancy is such an incredible miracle. You do!! look adorable.

  2. Anita Grimes November 21, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    You are glowing–week 12 to week 34—and you can fit in the same dress at week 34!! Now that’s a great dress! It will come in handy post pregnancy, too…In a few short weeks, you will be burning so many calories from nursing, you’ll be back in shape in no time! So enjoy the soft serve at McD’s!

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