barbie meets architect

So… this will blow your mind.

It kind of blew mine… and as a member of the Architecture profession and as a girl, this made me laugh out loud:


“In an effort to encourage more little girls to become architects, the American Institute of Architects held a design competition for Barbie.”

Well, a design competition to design a house for “i can be an architect, Barbie”

Architect Barbie Dream House Design Competition

I like how in the image, Barbie has fancy little “architect” glasses on her head. Because all of us girl architect’s wear those.

And the pink architect’s poster case.  Let me tell you, that isn’t on some “supplies list” at the local architecture school. ha.

Little girls beware: not only is barbie lying to you about a skinny little waist and a way to big bosom, but they’re just filling your head with a few more lies about how easy it is to become an architect. All you need is the glasses and pink poster satchels to make you into an insta-architect! 🙂 hee hee hilarious.

Anyway. I guess it’s kind of cool to think outside of the normal Barbie box of high heels, closets full of fancy dresses and nights out in hollywood.

What I think is funny is that our profession is full of extreme feminists(who i would bet were a little annoyed with the whole Barbie thing). It is a profession that 15 years ago, women were few and far between. In my parent’s generation there may have been 1 or 2 female architecture students in an entire class. So I guess it’s interesting that AIA is using this tactic to entice little innocent girls…

The American Institute of Architect’s had a competition to design a house for this little fashion model architect. Check it out the article  HERE. There’s another article about it HERE To see the winning house design click HERE.

And I have to admit… if I had a little girl I’d probably let her play with Architect Barbie. 🙂

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