a beautiful baby shower

do you want to see what the most beautiful baby shower in the world looks like? well, it was the saturday before thanksgiving in Princeton, NJ, so you’re a little late, but i have some pictures for you!

well, grab a cute glass of punch or cider with a fancy straw and come along for a little photo-baby-shower:

pretty drinks

meet the most amazing party planners. dearest Sharon, Elissa, and Jenna, you girls are amazing! i feel so loved from all the thought and love you put into all the little details:


and of course the most lovely host, Lynne, opened up her beautiful home to us. it was so fun to get to have a little party in her home!  Lynne and me

and my momma came! see how excited i am?! my tongue was even sticking out! {so embarrassed…why in the world do i do that?! she’s so pretty and i’m so classy…}

mom and me

and my most beautiful sister, Amy, surprised me for the weekend! BEST SURPRISE EVER! i miss her so much like ALL the TIME and it meant so much that she came along with my mom! she’s so grown up now with her very fancy nursing job at Children’s Hospital of Denver, so the fact that she took time off to come see me…is AMAZING.  {*Hugs Miss A!* also, how in the world are you so tall??}

amy and me

but back to how beautiful the shower was. it was gorgeous. these are just tiny snapshots so it’s hard to tell the overall feel everyone got as they walked around and oo-ed and aw-ed.  even the food was gorgeous.


and how well do my friends know this prego?! um, cider donuts! in pretty little doilies! um, hello, yes! hee hee. donuts

for a craft, {because they know that it wouldn’t be a party for me without a craft! lol!} we appliqued onesies. one for every month of baby girl’s first year. the girls know that i’d probably LOVE to take photos of baby girl every month through out her first year…so they helped me get prepared!  how cute is that?

onsie craft

here are some of us working away: crafting

even momma got into it. she’s so pretty.  crafting table

finished view! how cute are these going to be on a chubby little baby girl?!

i mean seriously, swoon.

onsies done

and of course there were too many presents and lots of chatting and catching up. i hadn’t seen some of these peeps since before we moved to Gloucester a year and a half ago! it was so sweet of them all to come!

we also had to document another prego in the group. yay Sharon! she has a few more weeks to catch up to this whale… but she’s almost there, don’tcha think? hee hee. she’s so cute.

sharon and me prego pose

now for your favor, please take a vanilla sugar. seriously, how cute?! {do you hear my squeal?! and how many times can i say “seriously” in a post?}favors

thanks to all the dear friends who came to my shower! and to those who wanted to but weren’t able to make it, you were missed dearly but i ate all the extra food for you. lol.

looking at these pictures just makes me smile. i’m so blessed with dear friends. baby girl has been so blessed by so many people, at this shower as well as my other one. i can’t help but feel so overwhelmed that God has provided me with all of you. hugs all around! {squeal again!}

xoxo-kimberly renee


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2 Responses to a beautiful baby shower

  1. Sharon Estes December 6, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

    Yay, friend! I’m so glad you felt so special, because you are!!!! Oh, and I ate extra food too…you know, for all the people who couldn’t be there. 😉

  2. Sharon Estes December 6, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    Also, I want to see of the picture of the onesies after we added the stitching!!!!

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