best day of work… ever {PART 1}

Last friday was my favorite.

absolutely the best day of work. ever. 🙂

 I don’t know about you. but it’s hard for me to always be excited about sitting in front of a computer all day at my job. But last friday, if every day was like that, it’d be pretty sweet!  I had a smile on my face ALL DAY LONG! 🙂

The purpose of friday was to have a professional photo shoot for a really cool project we just finished in Cape May NJ. We needed to go down to the project and stage it all pretty for our professional photographs. Nice thing for me- the 2.5 hr. drive became a 35 minute private plane ride.

it all started out at 7:45 with this:

that’s the decorator, my boss, me & our ride!

our aircraft… vintage 1967. how sweet is that?! little brother: be jealous.

the smile i was telling you about…

when we took off we could see Philadelphia AND NYC! (I didn’t get a good picture of New York because it was toward the sun.)

the cockpit. o wait. my car is bigger than this plane… 😉

look at all those fall colors! Jersey actually looks pretty from up here!

yay! The Atlantic!

and getting close to the cape.

This was the fun part. I was having a blast! 

Apparently the bumps and tipsy turvey-ness and the almost landing but not because we can’t get straightened out– isn’t normal. 🙂 I guess there was a little thing called “sheer wind” in the way. We had to try landing two times before we actually got on the ground.

phew. we made it. and i still had a smile on my face!  my first time on a little private plane. SO MUCH FUN!

part 2 coming right up: (you know, the whole reason for the plane ride…)

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  1. Pam Holderman October 27, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Oh what fun, but better you than me… I think the ground suits me just fine. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

  2. madtante October 27, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    What a wonderful opportunity!


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