birthday weekend

a few pictures from my awesome-amazing-fun-perfect-totally-spoiled-howmanydescirptivewordscaniget- birthday weekend:

this is a photo dump. not going to lie. it was an a great weekend because my sweet husbuddy loves me and spoils me with surprises. i LOVE february because i get v-day AND my birthday. hee hee.

on my birthday we went to get sushi:

Photo Feb 21, 7 07 53 PM

note: this never has happened before in my little life. it was an adventure: Photo Feb 21, 7 08 05 PM

then we found gluten free + dairy free cupcakes! we shared one because it was 6$. ha. it was SO good! Photo Feb 21, 8 39 25 PM

then husbuddy gave me this as a gift: Photo Feb 21, 5 34 19 PM

for those of you who don’t know what that means… it means snowboarding!!!! eek! this colorado girl was excited! Photo Feb 22, 2 23 11 PM

and it was a beautiful day!

Photo Feb 22, 3 01 19 PM

guys, we LOVE snowboarding together. it is so fun! the snow wasn’t the best that day… a little icy for this colorado girl… but still so fun! Photo Feb 22, 3 01 36 PM rocking that mountain! Photo Feb 22, 11 17 42 AM Photo Feb 22, 11 28 41 AM and i had a handsome date/chair lift partner.
Photo Feb 22, 11 28 59 AM

he even showed off for me in his own special way:

Photo Feb 22, 12 34 30 PM Photo Feb 22, 12 34 33 PM
hee hee.

ok, but the next day we were SO SORE. it had been 2 years since i’d been! maybe we need to try skiing. 28 may be too old for snowboarding…

awesomest birthday weekend!  thanks love!

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