catching up with a little of what’s been going on…

do you ever have so many things on your to-do list that you don’t know where to start?

that’s how i feel about my blog, about life, about work, even about chores these days.

i have a list a mile long of blog posts but i keep putting them off and making excuses and blaming the baby. ha. that’s not fair, now is it? it’s my own laziness and overwhelmed state at the moment that is slowing me down. whew. but i just need to start. just one little day at a time.

so anyway, just to get back into the swing of actually blogging i thought i’d share of “what we’ve been up to” photos. we’ve been super excited about it getting warm around here. picnics at lunch time. lots of walks. soaking up the sunshine! i’m trying to focus on joy and thankfulness daily. enjoy a few pictures:

wildflowers  we chose to see wildflowers instead of weeds that day. it was a beautiful way to look at life. ha. the grass was finally mowed after this photo was taken. but it seems the weeds wildflowers are back already so we’ll have to work on that. haha. and can we just talk about the overalls for a moment? loving icecream loving icecream1 loving icecream2  ice cream for the first time was a hit, don’tcha think?

reading  lots of reading. we love to read.

mothers day kisses mothers day smiles  mothers day kisses and smiles.  AND PIGTAILS. gah. my favorite. hee hee.  picnic  picnic lunches

walk  walks on gorgeous days. (also, she LOVES her sandals. whenever she sees them she wants me to put them on, even if we’re headed to bed! haha)

thanks for catching up with me. i feel like we all need to sit down and have a nice long chat over a cuppa tea. soon, friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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2 Responses to catching up with a little of what’s been going on…

  1. Susan Houck May 17, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    Hello Kimberly! Isn’t it so difficult to keep up with what we think is important in life? The photo of Sophia in the yard with the flowers/weeds is made even better because of the flower/weeds! I would not have even realized it was your yard except that you mentioned that it was. I just thought it was a beautiful field of flowers, with an adorable baby girl smack dab in the middle of it!

    For the 25 years I have been married, in all stages of married life, (with and without children), I have never gotten “caught up” with my to do list. Sometimes I wonder if heaven for mothers/wives will be having the house, yard, garden, basement, garage and vehicle clean ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Having our devotions finished, meals planned for the week, teeth flossed, elderly relatives visited, quality time spent with our hubby and children, house decorated in the latest adorable fashion and time spent just for ourselves, with our feet propped up and a tall cool glass of lemonade.

    I have come to believe that heaven probably won’t be any of that, but simply us worshiping God and maybe not once thinking about any of the other things, (except for maybe family and friends).

    But it really is so difficult to not let the weeds of life bother us. Interestingly, I think if they didn’t bother us, there may be something a little amiss in our lives. I believe what God wants, however, rather than us getting or not getting our to do list completed, is us just laying our list at His feet and asking him to walk with us through the mess. This is so difficult when we are constantly comparing ourselves to worldly thoughts and images of what accomplishments are of value and which ones are not. If we give our workload to God, and he in fact guides us, who are we to say we failed if we didn’t get everything we wanted finished? The almighty God was good with it. It suited Him. In fact he guided us. Why do we let some person or magazine dictate how much work, or what quality of the work is correct? I guess because we are human and human expectations from ourselves and others are slamming themselves in our faces every day. The good news is that we are pretty normal and God is not going anywhere, and he is available 24/7 to help and guide us!

    Whew! That sounded sort of like a sermon. I guess I just wanted to let you know that you are a wonderful, beautiful mother and wife, even if you sometimes feel otherwise, and that you are not alone in your busyness. I always promised God in my prayers when my kids were younger, that I would make myself available to mothers with young children when my kids got older. So I would be thrilled to come and watch Sophia for a day sometime soon, if you just want to go work in the yard or go run errands, go out for an evening with JT or what ever would give you a little break. Please, Please call me if this would work for you. I work Mondays and Thursdays and would be delighted to come any other day to help. 717-615-0530

  2. Susan Houck May 17, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    Oh, and also, I am very handy with yard design and flowers etc., so if you need help in that department, I would also be thrilled to help with that. I just spent the last two Saturdays building my sister Phyllis a stone wall.

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