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{day 6} make a little sketch


study something that you have around the house and make a little sketch!

it’s simple. it’s ok if it’s not perfect. just take some time and really study it. give up on what you think it should look like (like how when we did the blind contours of the hand) and just focus on the individual parts of the object. this helps you to see the object in a new way. give up what you’re holding on to. let what you see, come out on the paper.

this sketch was made with pen. it’s a little difficult to shade in pen, it doesn’t blend like a pencil would, so I made a lot of little hatch lines. this helped to give it dimension. it may make it look a little funny, but it was a peaceful exercise. in the process of letting go, it helps to just focus on one thing and let everything else around you disappear. sketching is a great exercise in letting go!

If you do today’s project, let me know what you sketched! 🙂

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{day 5} grace

give yourself a little grace. because someone died to give you grace.

you’re not perfect. there’s someone who is perfect for you.

you’re not going to change the world, your friend, your husband, or even yourself – at least not BY YOURSELF. cross image

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9

today I edited a pretty picture and thought about this verse about grace. it was a nice way of letting go and giving myself a little grace. I’m not perfect and saying that out loud is a little bit of letting go. It is only by grace that I am saved, therefore it is only by grace that I live.

Dear Friends, let go of who you’re expecting yourself to be and give yourself a little grace today to accept the free grace that was given for you.



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{day 4} blind contour drawing


This is old school. for the 4th day in the 31 days of letting go series we’re going to do a drawing exercise. draw your hands. without looking at the paper.

This is a typical drawing exercise to practice really looking at your subject. you may not make a perfect drawing, but you’re studying your hand so intensely that you’re learning about your hand in a new way. you’re supposed to only look at your hands while you draw their outline-without looking at the paper.


it’s really cool to study your hands so carefully. Even though you don’t get perfect drawings, you get to study a little part of yourself that God created beautifully.  it’s a really peaceful way to focus on something.

and just so you know I DO have normal looking hands:


you don’t have to be an amazing artist to study your unique, God given attributes. it’s kind of cool to study your hands so intensely while giving thanks to the God who made them that way.

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{day 3} journal a song

sometimes to “let go” i journal to a song. this includes sketches (trust me, not very good ones) and words that stick out to me. it’s a good way to focus on just listening to the music for me.

mostly because i’m so silly that i can’t focus on anything without doodeling or sketching…

so for today’s post i listened to Addison Road’s “What do I know of Holy?”

i had to listen to it twice just to get my thoughts out.

so please excuse the messy sketch… but it’s good enough for the purpose  of letting go:)

how about you? Do any of you ever sketch to a song? Have you ever tried it?

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{day 2} doodle

day 2 of letting go: our assignment is to doodle.

an architecture teacher in college told me that ones of the best ways to relax your drawing hand was to draw spirals from the outside in… it makes you focus as you try to draw as many circles as you can but to not run into the other lines.  it actually is supposed to make you better at drawing.

after a few doodles, just let the pen do what ever you feel like.  it’s a surprisingly effect way to “let go” of what is on your mind.

so there ya go, for your second day, doodle away your thoughts! 🙂

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{day 1} Pray a verse

hi friends!

it’s day 1 of the 31 days of letting go! for our first day, i’m going to share an example of how i pray. but first, i just want to say, thanks for being here! i’m so looking forward to the challenge of this and i can’t wait to hear what you have to say. by all means, i am NOT an expert in any of this. i’m just exploring it a little bit. feel free to give any insight or ideas you have in the comments section!

sometimes when i need to “let go” i pray a verse. how lazy is that? but really, instead of trying to come up with the right words to say, or worry about what i really need and how to ask it and how to be reverent enough and why in the world i think i even deserve to be there… i take all the pressure off by praying something back to God that He gave us in the first place.i mean, seriously, doesn’t it just scream simplicity  to say His words?

it’s God’s word.  His promises. His Truth. so i pray it back to Him.

sometimes i just use a verse that sticks out to me that day, other times it’s one that i know and love. it reallyworks out to be more of a journal exercise… but i know that God’s listening as i work out my thoughts 😉
here was today’s  prayer. it’s not much.  it’s short and sweet and honest and open. God can see it all anyway, why hide it? i’ve  given my unbelief to God, i’ve “let go” to Him my own thoughts on this verse.

do you do this? do you pray/journal a verse ever? this is a good way for me to “let go” when i don’t know what/how to say something.

it brings peace to just seek the Lord in prayer. May you find peace in letting go through prayer today.

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31 days… i’m IN!

it’s been a while since there’s been any art on here. all summer it was,blah blah blah and vacation pictures 🙂 Sorry guys!

so here’s my latest piece: Let go. Let God.

i know.  a little bit cheesy. 🙂 but o well. it needed to come out. I needed to “let go” and ask God to work for me.

Speaking of letting go, i think i’m going to say something crazy here.

So, see… for the month of October I’m going to join these gals in doing 31 days of postings about one topic. They are rockstars.  There is going to be someone doing 31 days of Charming Imperfection, someone else doing 31 days of Photography Tips and someone else is doing 31 days of Inspired Holidays(and lots others!). I LOVED reading their “31 days” last year… and the group of women doing it this year invited everyone to join them if they wanted.

So I decided to join!

I’m going to post for 31 days about Artfully Letting Go.

It’s going to be hard. Talking about something for 31 days. That, and I have to define “letting go”

What does it mean to “let go”??  A year ago I wrote this post: HERE.  I explained how I made a piece of art to let go of my emotions and thoughts… to get it all out on paper. I am hoping that these 31 days I can explore all the different ways to “let go” through art and faith. I’m going to explore letting go of my controlling nature, let go of my expectations, let go of my desires, let go of who i think  i am… let’s see how far we can go in letting go…   I plan to sketch, pray, journal, pray, paint, and pray some more… hopefully I’ll get it through this thick scull of mine,  “let go” of who I am so that I can “let God” work through me.

I hope that you will join me for 31 days, I plan on having some tutorials and tips and some thoughtful experiences to share. I’m excited {and nervous} for this challenge! If you have any ideas, let me know!!

See you in October, friends! 🙂




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