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a new listing in my etsy shop

Hey friends!

There have been a lot of inquiries about the kind of portrait rendering that I’ve been doing for friends and for my family lately, so I thought I’d add a listing to my etsy shop.

These little renderings that I take from pictures are so fun and sweet. I feel like they are so simple and almost childish but I love them. I’ve been making them for gifts a lot recently but I’m always nervous to know if the receiver is really going to like them. It’s funny how nervous I can still get about my art. Anyway, I’ve SO enjoyed having ours framed and hanging in our dining room and I plan to keep updating it as time goes on.

I love having a custom little rendering of our family. And I know lots of other people do too!

If you are interested, please go check it out here!

Of course you can always find me at: Miss Grace Designs 🙂 I haven’t had the energy to keep up with adding much to my shop lately but I’m still there!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
    and his name shall be called[
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

God bless you this Christmas!

We are blessed by the love of our Father, in heaven, sending His Son for us! May you know that love!

Love, The Holdermans.

xoxo-kimberly renee
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painting with my girl {and my newest painting}

so we’ve been painting together and it’s been so fun. she loves to play with the colors. i put a shirt that we were giving to goodwill on her and so she was totally covered. life is good when you can make a mess care-free! painting

and i just love this photo of her being all intense:

Painting in daddy’s old shirt 😍

A photo posted by kimberly renee (@kimberlyreneeh) on

and speaking of painting, did you happen to notice my newest angel painting all big and beautiful in my entry way/dining room?

Dining Room circled

there ya go, i circled it for you. ha.

i’m really enjoying her being there all big and bold and beautiful. she has layers of music, layers of bible pages, layers of paint and layers of love. ; ) so fun.

Angel of Spring and Grace Art Print

she is now all set up in my society6 shop if y’all are interested in a print or notecard.

xoxo-kimberly renee
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spring is in the paint{ings}

you may have noticed that i’ve painted a bunch lately. as in the last two weeks i’ve seemed to gone mad.  first there were these two angels:

IMG_7569 day 18

then there was this sheep. RANDOM, after all the angels, i know.


then there was this larger angel:

day 24

which i’m super excited about and totally in love with. it was the largest size painting i’ve ever done and i think i was just so inspired it was one of the fastest ones too! there’s layers of text and music under the paint that you can see when you get up close.   {i have yet to get a really good photo of her. but i’m planning on setting up my tripod for that this weekend.}

and now they are almost all up on my society6 shop.  how fun is that?

Spring Angel {2} Stationery Card

Easter Lamb Framed Art PrintSpring Angel {1} Throw Pillow

perfectly in time for Easter! spring is in the paint air! i may have to get out the paint again this weekend. who wants to join me?

check out  my society6 shop!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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thanksgiving photos and sale



i am still jet-lagged from our trip to Seattle. we went for thanksgiving week and Sophia is still sleeping in till 9. {please do that again tomorrow, sweetheart! ha…} but we had a lovely time visiting with all of these people, the Holderman clan:


{let me tell you, trying to get Sophia to stay still and look at the camera was quite the ordeal!}

the sunday before thanksgiving we left for the airport straight from church. sophia had a chance to sit on a sleigh. although she has no idea why she got to pose this way, she was really cute about it. so our holiday started with this cuteness: sliegh ride  then grandma Pam finally got to have plenty of cuddles. it was a restful week with family!  snuggles fireside

Sophia and i got to snuggle by the fire, drank lots of coffee and tea(it’s seattle…), we went to a park{which she adored!}, we celebrated a certain handsome man turning 31, ate lots of good food, probably gained weight and had lots of good times.

IMG_3152 IMG_3147 walking hugs (here she’s thanking dadda for bringing her to a park. she was so happy)  helping IMG_2996 IMG_3098

{she has a milk mustache and she wanted us to pray since we were about to have lunch} IMG_3104 IMG_3174   and Grandma and Grandpa got to soak up quality time with the girl.

oh, and Husbuddy and i got to go on a date. shopping, wine flights, and ice skating. it was fun. (and maybe not the best combination lol) wine flight     my love we had so much fun that i didn’t do any holiday shopping! ha. i also didn’t post about any of the sales that Society6 had for black friday or anything! what.

Real friends don't 
ask friends for 

oh, but i have a discount for my friends anyway. hee hee. lucky you.

everything at my Society6 shop is 20% off thru December 5th! and free shipping! so there ya go. yet another holiday shopping opportunity for you. society6

whew. are you as overwhelmed by december as i am? jet lag. it’s got to be all the jet lag.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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vintage christmas tree shopping

if things go as they have in years past, in a little over a week, we are going to be driving to pick up a christmas tree!

meet my newest sketch rendering:

Car on Holiday wouldn’t in be fun to go get our christmas tree in this car? tee hee. in high school my dream car would have been a little Volkswagen bug. a pink bug would have been perfect! not exactly a family car, but it’s pretty darn cute, don’tcha think?

and guess what?! it’s in my new society6 shop just in time for Christmas!

hint, it’s really cute on cards:

Car on Holiday Stationery Card

hee hee.

ok. now i’m excited to go find our christmas tree, aren’t you?!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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a secret surprise… ok not really.

hey there! i have a secret to share  with you.

well. it’s not really a secret because if you’re observant you would have noticed it on the sidebar on my blog. but i haven’t talked about it yet.

so, guess what?

i started a Society6 shopChristmas Angel Framed Art Print

what is Society6 you ask? well, it’s basically this really neat website where i can load up my artwork and you can purchase it as prints and canvases and throw pillows and tote bags straight from them. they make it and mail it out to you!


isn’t that neat?

i was going to wait to tell you about it until i had some more art work up there. then i was going to order some myself and try it out… but THEN, you guys, the website is having this promo sale where you can get $5 off ANYTHING  from now until November 8! not only that, but free shipping too!!!  what what what?!

i just had to share it with you!

As for me and my house Stationery Card

my only regret is i didn’t get my act together and get a few more renderings(which is what i am working on) up there. i have dreams to make a Christmas door one. but…time has slipped away from me. i’ll try to get it up soon when  if i do, i’ll let ya know. Christmas Hymn Angel Throw Pillow

i know you all want a throw pillows with angels on it.

bawhahah. ok i get it. it’s a little silly. you don’t really want one. haha. but it’s funny just the same.

or a tote bag with a cute little red door from Gloucester on it? yes. yes, i know. you really need that in your life. bawahah. ok ok. maybe not.

no really, mostly i think the extra “stuff” you can put art on is just silly.  LEGGINGS? what? no i did NOT put my art on leggings. but the idea is hilarious.

but how cool is it you can framed prints? and canvases? and stationary?

anyway, if anyone wanted those angel prints for christmas…now is the time to order them. hint hint.

Click HERE for free shipping AND 5$ off any purchase between now and November 8th.

xoxo-kimberly renee
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