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a few firsts

first artwork

since last week was Valentines Day, Sophia made her first art work. isn’t adorable? she made one for Daddy and both grandparents.


last week we also had her first night sleeping in her crib! she had been taking naps in it for a while but we moved her out of her bassinet in our room at night.

first night in bed

she looks so grown up in her crib. {i’m not going to lie, i actually started to cry the first night…she’s growing so fast!}

first night in bed2

each morning when i go in to get her up she just coos and smiles and poses for me {she’s really stretching, but i like to think she’s posing hee hee}

first night in bed3 cloth diapers

and we also started using her cloth diapers. she got big enough for the smallest size of the snaps. so. freaking. adorable.

first night in bed4

and since we are talking about firsts…here is a picture from her first bath {this picture is a few weeks old, don’t worry, we bathe our child regularly!}

first bath2

even though the picture suggests otherwise, she actually really enjoys baths and seems to like to sit in the warm water. the dog on the other hand freaks out when we are giving her a bath because he thinks we’re drowning her! he’s such a protective older brother. ha.

firsts are fun! …except that we just got back from the doctors office and she has her first cold. so sad!! poor baby girl!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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missing Nana

we are missing Nana around here so i thought i’d share a few photos i took on her last day with us.

last day with nana5

one of my goals is to have the camera out and available to catch more of the “every day moments” like these… every day.

granted, i don’t do it every day, but when i do, i’m so glad i took the time to take out the camera and just catch life.

like baby snuggles with her Nana.

last day with nana2

like little sweet kisses that are treasured.

last day with nana6


last day with nana

and sweet moments.


last day with nana3

one day, little Sweet Pea is going to look back on these photos of her and her Nana. she’s going to see the love in these photos. and she is going to know how much Nana loves her.

and that’s just because i took an “every day moment” kind of shot.

i hope i remember to do it often.

last day with nana4

we miss you, Nana!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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snow bunny

it snowed a foot on monday. and since i was DYING  to get this cute little snow suit out and put the little munchkin in it, {i mean, literally, dying to put her in this super cute little fuzzy thing…since like september when i found it at the church yard sale…} we used the snow as an excuse…

the snow suit

to torture our child. bawhaha.

the snow suit2

and i thought it was pretty hilarious what a drama queen she was.

the snow suit3

where’d she get that? the drama, i mean?

seriously, child. it’s just a little bit of cold, wet stuff hitting your face. get over it and see how pretty it is! i love the snow! i don’t get why she didn’t… hee hee. i kid, i kid.

the snow suit4

poor thing. 5 minutes outside and she was ready to rebel… or at least ask for a different set of parents.

ha. ok, well, maybe we’ll save the playing in the snow until next year.

{but she won’t fit in this freaking adorable snow suit!!!}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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1 month

dear world, today i am 1 month old!

one month 4

we have her 1 month appointment today. i’m excited to see how much weight she’s gained because even though it may not look like much, i’m starting to see little rolls start to form…

one month5

she’s still too small for the cloth diapers yet though. and the 0-3 month onsie is still hanging on her!

one month3

i couldn’t really believe it when i pulled out the “1” onsie from my shower {click here to see that post} and put it on my little baby! she’s a whole 31 days! CRAZY!

one month7

i’m really excited to do a little photo shoot every month to watch how she grows. hopefully i’ll actually remember to do it…

one month6

this chair was my grandmother’s in her nursing home before she passed away. it’s fun to have Sophie sitting in it now and to think about her great grandma nifong.

one month

her face in this one kills me.

one month2

i really don’t have much to say today, except i’m so thankful for my sweet 1 month old girl!

one month8

{and i had to prove to you that i did put more clothes on my child after the photo shoot! we DO have a foot of snow outside after all}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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photos from January {part 2}

the little minion


be warned: this is another photo dump. but i just am so excited to share this little girl with you! {isn’t that minion hat freaking adorable?!} dear little Sophia Grace, i can’t help but show the world how adorable you are. hee hee.

with my baby

like i said in this post, january flew by with lots of snuggles and lots of learning all around.

coy smile

this little girl is JUST.TOO.MUCH. cuteness. i can’t get over it.


i can’t get over the fact that i get to be her momma!

with daddy2

and watching this man of mine become a daddy just makes my heart explode.

baby legs

i am SO lucky. i am so blessed. and i am so thankful.


oh little Sophie, you are so pretty! {i guess i’m a little biased… but that’s ok. hee hee}

sunday morning

we have actually made it to church multiple times this month!  whoo hoo! actually, it was a much needed escape from the house. sunday dress

and the little miss didn’t mind getting dressed up one bit.

sunday morning with nana

ha. i love the faces she gives nana.

dressed for sunday

she is such a happy little thing. i love it. and she’s almost a month old!

happy girl

i’m so thankful for her and praise God that i get to be her momma. that i get to get up with her every night multiple times and cuddle and love her and kiss her and hold her. i am so blessed. and i know that she is a gift. this life is a gift. praise God.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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photos from January {part 1}

ok. so January happened already. um, wow.

my days were filled with lots of little girl coos and cries so forgive me for being MIA. here are some pictures to appease you and hopefully i’ll be more around in February! {if you follow me on instagram, you may recognize most of these} 


with nana

Nana was here for the whole month. it was SUCH a blessing having her extra hands and having her feed us. and Sophie loved being held by her and making faces with her. it was amazing. we all love and miss her so much!


snuggles were abundant.

first walk

our first walk around the block. it’s been really snowy here {i promise i’m not lying even though there’s no snow in the picture!} so we haven’t been able to walk around outside as much as we’d like.

little hands  

baby hands! {and apparently a lot of fuzz that gets caught in baby hands…just keeping it real. lol!}

sleeping beauty

this hat slays me. she has it on this morning again and her head is almost too big for it already! ah!

a first smile

one of her very first smiles.

faces with nana

making faces with Nana


my preppy little model. {um, ya, not going to lie, i may have a LOT of fun dressing her}

kisses with daddy

she LOVES it when her daddy comes home. he loves snuggles with her and he always thinks she has grown so much while he was away for the day. it is so sweet to see them together!

daddy and daughter

my heart is full and i’m totally exhausted. we are slowly getting the hang of the new schedule. life is good!

these photos are from the first half of the month. i’ll be back with more recent ones, i promise!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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allow me to introduce::

   Sophia Grace

baby girl

today is her 2 week old birthday.

she was born January 4, 2014 at 5:33 am.

she weighed 7 lbs 1.2 oz and is 20 inches long.


we made it through 45+ hours of labor after a week of contractions. i’ll spare you all the gory details, but needless to say we were thankful to make it through without a c-section!

family first morning

my parents were even there right in time to meet her that morning!

Sophia with Grandpa

my dad was leaving for a business trip that afternoon, so she arrived just in time.

first morning nana and papa

it was about 9 years ago, when we were on one of our very first dates, that this moment was predicted.

let me explain: we were walking around a mall in Seattle. my boyfriend of about a month had brought me home to meet his parents. we were just wasting time before a dinner reservation. we walked into a Thomas Kinkade store and were trying to decide which painting we’d most like to walk into right then, when the store employee walked up and started chatting with Husbuddy. my sweet then-boyfriend is a very friendly guy, so the conversation seemed to last forever

when OUT OF NOWHERE this employee tells us; and i quote, ” you two will make some really cute kids someday.”

with daddy at hospital

AH! that is where i screamed and told him he had no right telling a 18 year old girl that. i was totally flustered and just marched right out of the store.

but husbuddy just laughed. he was already convinced that we were going to be married some day, so he was just working on convincing me of that.

  master swaddler  

well, two weeks ago, i reminded husbuddy about that and said that the Thomas Kinkade employee must have had a vision from the Lord, because, we did, indeed make the cutest little girl, ever

leaving hospital

sorry, i know there are a lot of other cute little girls out there… but i’m pretty biased about this one.

daddy at hospital

i am so in love. 

leaning against me

thank you for all your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks as we are learning how to do this parenting thing! i hope to catch up with more photos soon as sweet little Sophie seems to be changing! if you want to see the most recent photos, check out my instagram, it’s the easiest way for me to post photos at the moment.

xoxo-kimberly renee {and family}

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