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remember way back when I started this project?

 well. Many little things got in my way. {like the fact it took forever to get Autocad(the drawing program on my cpu) and then it took forever to find the time…doh!}

 But I’ve FINALLY finished some schematic design ideas for the Art Studio for my mother-in-law, just in time for her birthday! 🙂 Let me show her {& you} why it’s taken me so long:

Remember the concept(click here: Light and space. I wanted to create a space that allowed for her artistic abilities to explode. For her to be able to work comfortably and have plenty of storage but also to soak in as much natural light as possible to create an inspiring space.

Here is the existing house:

 The existing house is adorable!

Now, my version:

Here is the front elevation. (yes, i realize that my windows are out of scale…but did not have the time or energy to redraw them again… sorry!) In this schematic design, I’m suggesting the art studio addition be up above the garage. So the roof would have to be re-built at a higher angle so that the head height inside will be high enough. I suggested having a brackets hold up a higher overhang over the garage doors.

Here is the right side elevation. The door to garage is the existing door. From this view you can see the side of the dormer and the higher garage.

Here is the floor plan!


 What we’ve been waiting for!

 {please notice that there are 2 parts of the project. }

Part 1: A Master Bath RENO- easy enough. I’m suggesting that they remove the existing tub/shower and put in a tiled custom shower with bench and a new vanity. I didn’t think disturbing the rooms around it was in the game plan, but it will still be beautiful the same size with new finishes and shower.

Now, the main part of the project: The art studio. First, you walk through a pair of french doors (maybe glass?) into the Gallery:

This gallery is just an entry space that separates the art studio from the rest of the bedrooms, but really it could be used as a viewing gallery as well. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some pretty lighting to high-light some of the art in this little space? You could switch art around in that little area whenever you wanted to create a new inspiring entry into your space.

Then there is the central area of the room with plenty of space to get messy and make art. There is a faux wood wrapped beam with a chandelier hanging, with lots of light from the skylights and all the dormer windows around the room. There is even room for a sweet little anthropology chair 🙂 in the corner.

The south side of the room has the skylights and lots of storage. Because of the slope of the ceiling and not wanting the space to get too tall, this wall is perfect for lots of built-in drawers and cabinets. The skylights are perfect on this side of the room so that you can catch the Seattle Sunshine whenever it decides to show it’s face.

Then the north side of the room, just may be my favorite spot to imagine. It has a wall full of windows facing north to get the perfect daylighting conditions. It would be a wonderful little place for an easel. And maybe a cute little ottoman to sit on when you need to just think. There are cute little corner windows as well that allow in a little bit of east and west light, but are really just adorable and inspiring(see side elevation and section).

This is a Section view {pretend that you just walked through the gallery doors-you’re looking south/west (the opposite direction from the side elevation)} Everything that I just explained in plan is there: the skylights & storage on the southern side, the wood beam in the center of the room, the cute north dormer overlooking the driveway, the cute little side windows, and even the anthro chair 🙂 (even more! – because as you can see in the garage, i can’t draw cars and revert back to childish cartoons )

Pam, I hope you enjoyed my little idea! And that you’re inspired 🙂 Happy Birthday! Love you!

 o. and I’ll be sending you a bill for my time shortly.

naw, just kidding.

or am i? 🙂 tee hee.


kimberly renee

{PS. NOTE: These are just schematic plans-to actually create construction documents, I’d need to measure your house better 😉 and check in with a structural engineer. So please don’t try to do any of this on your own, at home.}

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a little bit of design


remember that design thing that i started way back in March?

um. i’m working on it again!

 (it only took months to get a copy of Autocad on my home laptop…and then a couple months of random saturdays to work on it…)

 i hope to post something substantial this week! 🙂 eek!

So hold me to it. :-p



To check out what the heck I’m talking about… go here for some of the pre-design info. & here for concept images ideas.

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Practice safe design: Use a concept.

— Petrula Vrontikis 

i LOVE this quote! basically because that is what was drilled into me at design school. i just think it’s hilarious the way Petrula said it… 🙂  It’s so important to have a big idea behind a design. most of the time when i try to draw or come up with something that is “pretty” or seems right in MY eye- it’s usually not to someone else’s eye. but, if i have a point or feeling that i’m trying get across behind my drawing and design it comes out as more of a finished idea that people can understand and connect to in their own way. even if i doesn’t come across to someone else the same way you’ve designed it, if you have a big idea behind your project, you will have created a way for the whole project to be connected with a similar purpose.

so on that note… here is a concept image for studioH_________________

pictures courtesy of Traditional Home Mag 




i LOVE the light in this art studio! wouldn't it be a perfect place to create?

Other views of the same studio. light light light!

  note:  I know that the space I’m designing won’t be so tall. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be? And I don’t think there’d be enough room for columns… but cool random idea! 

so as you maybe can tell, the first ideas of concept i have are for: light light light. lots of windows and space. lots of storage like in this image, but not so it feels crowded.  i love how airy and spacious it feels. and don’t you just love the flooring? it’s wood that has been painted or stained like that.  this is just a tip of an iceberg people. I’ll post more photo ideas soon.

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SO… I guess it’s time I get right down into it. Down and dirty as they say… 🙂 You don’t know it, but my in-laws gave me this awesome project at Christmas. I’m just NOW getting around to thinking about it! O my. “Lazy butt” – did you just you say? geez. give me a break. It’s been a crazy couple of months. BUT. I can’t believe it’s MARCH already! Holy cow! And time change on Sunday? What?! We’re just starting to see the sun before I leave for work in the morning! I’m so bummed that it’s going to be dark again next week! …now you’re saying “come on Kim…remember that the reason we’re changing time is because summer is coming!” i know i know… but i’m so addicted to the sunshine…especially waking up with it. Don’t you just love lying in bed and feeling the sun streaming through the curtains and hear the birds singing? Well… if it’s dark on monday morning when i have to get up for work there ain’t gonna be no birds singing and no Kimmy singing either. hah.

again i digress. geez. i’m good at that. anyway! back to the point of this blog.

My new little project I’m going to share with you! 🙂

When I start a project I start with a list of goals of what I want the project to accomplish. I also start with looking at the context. So we’ll get to that. Let’s look at goals first.


So… the story: My In-laws, Doug and Pam,

live in the beautiful city of Seattle. Since their two sons have moved out of the house (mostly) the needs of the family for the house have changed. Pam has always wanted an art studio but has managed until now with sharing the office space with Doug.  Their desire is to add an addition to their house of 25 years or to move into a new place.  They have a lot of property and are not sure they want to keep taking care of it. They like the location but they could move closer to a city center which would be really fun but they might loose some space.

My job is to come up with an idea that will help them live the way they want to in their current house but also to add value to the home. It’s important for everyone to realize that sometimes the best idea is to just sell the house and find another one that has what you need. But sometimes it does wonders to just add a couple spaces to an existing home. I hope that together we can figure out the best solution.

So here are the goals that I have come up with:

(please Pam and Doug, let me know if there is anything else I can add! )

  • Art Studio Addition over the garage
  • Connection to the Studio from stairs or 2nd floor hall
  • Optional redo of Master Bath
  • To create a beautiful light filled space
  • Within a budget
  • LOTS of table space and LOTS of storage
  • Don’t overwhelm the front facade which is very cute and well proportioned.


you can see the outline of their property in the dark green. (i know it’s kind of hard to see, but i wanted to get the surrounding context as well as their property) I covered up the address for all of our safety.

Things to notice:

they have a long driveway, so they are away from a busy street. This is very nice!

The house is close to a lake.

It has a beautiful, large backyard and side property.

It faces northeast.

There is a lot of shade on their property.

Images + Ideas of existing House:

the existing front facade

so: as you can see, the house is adorable. I don’t want my design to compete with it. My first idea is to match the existing roof line of the 2nd story. The red arrows show that i want the connection to the new space to be from the 2nd or stair. I want lots of windows for lots of daylight which is what I’m trying to explain with the yellow arrow and sun.:)

The existing back facade of the house. I LOVE This view. It’s so romantic! 🙂

So this shows my idea for the studio over the garage from the back. You wouldn’t see much of it because it would be better to keep most of the new space in the front of the house. I like the roof lines in the back so I don’t really want to bother them! I love the cute little gable on the left in this image. That is another way I could design the studio space, but I’m afraid that it would conflict in the front.


So. There you go. It took me this long to give you this much information. Can you believe it? Anyway. Hope you get an idea what I’m thinking, especially Pam and Doug. O wait. This is basically what you said you wanted. 🙂 ha. Now I’ll get started on the floor plans. I have to put the existing drawings into my computer to be able to understand it enough to add the new design. I need to get on that asap! 🙂

Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas for this plan! What do you think of my ideas? All comments are constructive and helpful, so don’t be afraid to comment!

xoxo -kimberly renee

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