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o darling, let’s disappear for a couple of days

a couple of weeks ago we actually took a little break and disappeared from our normal day to day. it may seem like that’s all we do around here, you know, travel and party,  since that’s all i post about these days, but trust me, this was a much needed two day break away from the crazy world our life has been the last few months! what’s funny is we felt like we had disappeared into the mountains (what mountains? there are no mountains around here!) but we were actually only 35 minutes away from our house. WHAT.   there was beautiful scenery, nature, creeks and streams, hills and rocks… so much beauty! the-hike

it was a breath of fresh air.

we ended up going on a “little” hike one day.  girl-with-daddy

it was “little” because, of course, Husbuddy led the way, we only got lost a couple of times, we took some “scenic” routes, and ended up bouldering up a hill… no biggie. {besides being 8 months prego at the time…} 

but that’s just a good ol’ fashioned hike with family, isn’t it?! LOVE it.


and can i just mention, Sophia LOVED it too. view i mean, she LOVED it. and it made me wish we could go for hikes every weekend! rock-sitter

well, why can’t we?

family-at-creek do you even see that bowling ball i had to hike with? bawhaha. it was good exercise and i didn’t mind… until we got to the bouldering part. i was literally climbing over huge boulders going straight up a steep hill. ha, oops.

it was the next morning, Husbuddy looked at me and said, “hun, i think you look different, i think you dropped.” then, a day later, it was confirmed by my midwife. um yea, that’s what the hike did… it brought baby girl right on down into position! haha. well, a story for when you’re older, baby girl.


we had these dear friends join us! who am i kidding, it was actually their idea to disappear to this location for a few days. {thank you for talking Husbuddy into it!} how sweet are they? and while i hiked with a bowling ball, they hiked with a 3 month old. ah! they are amazing.  playing-at-creek my dear adventurers.  throwing-rocks-into-river learning from daddy how to throw rocks in the water. (she only got a little wet from throwing them RIGHT in front of her)   piggy-backs and this is how Husbuddy had to carry the toddler up the rocks at the end (which i didn’t get a picture of- too much huffing and puffing) 

i didn’t really get pictures of the rest of the trip. let’s just say there was lots of good food, no screen time, lots of games, lots of walks to the playground for the toddler, some crafting and lots of laughter. it was a lovely time. whole-black-rock-group sometimes one just has to disappear into nature to be reminded of the things that really matter and God’s peace. i’m so thankful we got to do this before baby girl got here! we will be back though, for sure!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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our day trip to Savannah

savannah trip group it was a quick trip to Savannah one day last week. it was SUPER quick. why? oh, two toddlers and a five year old is why. but it was still worth it just to explore, see Spanish Moss up close, see the gorgeous architecture, experience a southern city and have yummy seafood for lunch. here are a few photos from our adventure: savannah arch and streets gah. the spanish moss is beautiful! and the gorgeous old houses? amazing.  savannah magnolia tree and i wanted to take home ALL the magnolia leaves.   savannah arch and oil lantern savannah arch 2 savannah arch doorway all these doors were amazing. savannah arch savannah church savannah family and of course we found a park.     savannah boys savannah succulents

family at savannah savannah daddy and girl  by the end the kids(and us adults) were exhausted and hot. but it was so fun to experience a different city, an area of the country i’ve never visited. the cobblestone streets and the spanish moss make me want to go back some day!

God has created some beautiful places in our world, it’s so fun to explore them and be amazed at His creativity! #masterdesigner

xoxo-kimberly renee


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Hilton Head photos

if you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen plenty of photos from our trip last week to Hilton Head. i understand if you’re sick of them already. hee hee. but,  if you’d like some more photos, please continue!

we had such a lovely time. the weather was perfect for us. we actually left the day of the big storm so we missed it! and it was such a beautiful place and the beach every day… it was LOVELY.

the trip down was long. luckily we were able to stop for a hike at lunch time  and a night with family on the way.

picnic date on drive down picnic date by river

we shared a couple days at the beginning of the week with some friends from princeton days. it was SO awesome to see them again and meet their littlest boy!

we had fun getting around on bikes! the toddlers fit in a couple trailors and we rode by all sorts of birds and alligators… no pictures of those.  bike rides at hilton head2 bike rides at hilton head bike rides at hilton head girls

and of course a daily visit to the beach. we could even ride our bikes there. sunrise beach  Husbuddy teaching the little miss how to ride the waves: ocean with daddy ocean wtih daddy  plenty of sand play: beach day buried2 beach day buried  curly hair and little swimsuits just make me die. beach day play beach play beach play2 love love love. beach day girls   beach day happy beach day happy2 and that smile, how can you not FEEL her joy?

oh and one day we had dolphins visit and another day we had a SHARK! right where we were swimming! you can see how close it was to the beach:  shark!

there was also a few park trips because parks are Sophia’s FAVORITE thing.  sea pines park sea pines park2 sea pines swings at sea pines

girl at salty dog

ice cream dates: ice cream date  sun rise dates:

sunrise daddy sunrise beach2 sunrise girls sunrise girls2 sunrise sophie sunrise date to swing

we also took a day trip into Savannah. that will be in another post.

we had such a wonderful time! we were truly blessed this past week with rest and beauty and adventure. we are so thankful!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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our little trip to NYC

a little over a week ago now, if you follow me on instagram, you know that we took a quick trip to New York! a few people thought we were crazy for bringing our toddler with us. yes, it would have been simplier without her. but at the same time, it’s SO fun to share these new adventures with her!

we had such an adventure so i just wanted to share a few pictures with you.

NYC choo choo

the little miss was SO excited for her first “choo choo ride.”  i only told her two days before we left but even still, we could hardly contain our excitement for those two days! haha.

NYC central park

on the way to the church where husbuddy was headed, we stopped at central park.

NYC central park girls

we were going for a Presbytery meeting that Hubsuddy had. we were really just tag-a-longs. it was great to get to sit in on a *tiny* bit of the proceedings and also to be involved in the evening worship service, but mostly, the girl and i went exploring.

NYC pastors wives

we met up with our favorite pastor-wife friends! and enjoyed a lovely time together which included a giant slide in central park and ice cream!

NYC cp slide2

Might be her favorite thing from our trip 😂 yesterday on the most awesome slide right in Central Park!

A video posted by kimberly renee (@kimberlyreneeh) on

NYC cp slide

she ADORED that slide!

NYC ice cream

you can imagine how this ended… tee hee. #worthit

NYC night

our walk back to our hotel after worship. i always think NYC is pretty at night.

NYC husband

the next morning Husbuddy had more meetings but we were able to enjoy lunch together and a long walk back to the train station.

NYC on way back to train

NYC train right home

needless to say the weekend wore her(ALL OF US!) out. i’m barely feeling recovered even a week later! ha. it was such a blessing though to be able to go on a little adventure with my husband instead of being left behind as normal. we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the City.

anyone else take their toddler with them on their adventures? it’s always worth it- isn’t it?!

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- if you want to see our other trips to the big city- before the kid- check out (some of them!) here: in 2011 , in 2011 x2,  in 2010 , in 2010 the hotel review,  in 2009


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friends over miles

 “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet, without a lot of relatives prying around, and a string of confounded visitors hanging on the bell. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book. I have thought of a nice ending for it: and he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

first, before we get to our trip to Pullman, WA, let’s talk about the drive there. it was SO GOOD FOR MY HEART to see mountains. this girl misses her mountains. colorado, washington or idaho mountains. give me any of them.

driving over pass2

we took 24 hours when we were in seattle to drive across the state to Pullman to visit our dear friends there. it just makes my heart sing to see these photos. some day i am going to live near mountains again. someday.

driving over pass

now, the Palouse, where Pullman and Moscow are, is a whole different world. this is where i went to college and where i have so many memories of early days with Husbuddy. the rolling hills are gorgeous in their own way. Lancaster sometimes reminds me of it.

the palous

but we didn’t drive 4 hours across the state to see the scenery. we came to meet our godson and to see our dear friends. there is something about some friends that is just so special. there are those certain ones that even if you haven’t seen them for years, you can pick up right where you left off. you see each other and you know that these are your people. we really only knew the O’loughlins for a year when i was finishing my undergrad in Moscow. but that year we grew close and knew that we would keep in touch. and it’s such a blessing to know we have! and now we’re like part of the family! ha.

i actually started to cry when Elizabeth and i were standing outside watching the kids play on their bikes while the babies had their afternoon nap. there was such a feeling of peace, like this moment could have lasted if we hadn’t moved across the country we just let it. ha. we have been soooo blessed by friends during our marriage. we often regret that we’ve had to move so many times (7!) because we have to move away from friends, but then we talk about how blessed we are that we get to make new friends and keep the old ones. we really are extra lucky to get to have so many dear people in our life. even if we only see them once in a blue moon.  it helps too when our friendship is grounded in faith. really, i think that is the main thing that keeps us together. if you’re real with someone all the way down to the roots of WHO makes them tick, then you don’t loose that closeness very easily. God is good and has blessed us with friends who remind us of and point us to Him!! we talk about how in heaven one day, it will be so fun to get to connect some of our friends from across the country… dude, you’ll love these people, they lived in washington and you lived in new jersey but you’ll totally get along so well! oh and these peeps from Gloucester and these from Lancaster… haha

well. random tangent. but here are a few photos from our visit. it was lovely.

Elizabeth and me and babies boys

bedhead girls blue eyed babies

Desmond and Sophia are pretty much already besties. nevermind that two daddy’s forced them to cuddle. lol. i love Desmond’s look as he grabs Sophia’s ear. hahaha.

boys and babies boys are outnumbered

the boys are totally outnumbered.

Ani and Soph chloe and sophia desmond

our little godson has to have the cutest eyebrow expressions ever! girls

love you friend!!

we also got to see a few other friends {way too briefly!!} It was so good to see one of my best college friends, Emily and meet her little daughter!

emily and me and girls

as well as when we got back to Seattle, we got to see a couple other friends! Clark and Mikaela with their two daughters!

with Brandons

it made for a busy trip to connect with so many people, but it is so worth it. even if a few of you were only for a few minutes! it was so great to see your smiling faces and hug you tight.

until next time friends!

xoxo-kimberly renee



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images from our trip to Seattle

it’s been a week and a half doh two weeks (i started this post and then got distracted!) since we got home from Seattle. it was a wonderful trip with family and friends! right now i’ll just share some family photos. we were having so much fun, i barely got my camera out!!

2014-08-26 14.18.21

flying across country was an adventure. it was a WHOLE different story being almost 8 months then when we flew to colorado at almost 6 months… wow. who knew that two months could be SO DIFFERENT?!  2014-08-26 13.46.35  but we made it and she was cute. that’s what counted. ha.

there were a lot of family to meet that we hadn’t been able to see since we’d had Sophia. i’m so thankful Billie got to meet her second great granddaughter. here she’s holding Sophie for the first time and Ella (great granddaughter #1) approves.   grandma billie and ella

here’s the whole Holderman side of the family with Grandma Billie front and center! Holderman_Johnsons daddy and soph we had lovely weather and a wonderful time with our family.

ella and sophia

seriously, Seattle in September is absolutely the most beautiful place with the perfect weather… ANYWHERE. it’s amazing. just don’t give me any other time of year there… lol. there’s a reason it’s so green in September!

on grass

Ella is 5 and we haven’t seen her in a couple of years. it was fun to get to see what a beautiful person she’s growing to be! she insisted on giving a couple of her “My Little Ponies” to Sophia as a gift. it was just sweetest thing. ella

and of course, grandma got in tons of snuggles.  it makes me so sad that both grandmas live so far away and don’t get to see Sophia grow. so we cherish the moments that are given and hold those in our hearts. i keep telling myself that it makes those times we’re together that much more special. i tried to really cherish our time in Seattle and to enjoy seeing Sophia there for the first time. grandma and sophia   2014-08-31 15.05.24-1

this photo of my little family going for a walk just makes me so happy. 3 sunglasses and 3 happy campers. hee hee.

i have a few other blog posts from the trip. Sophia officially started crawling while we were there. {hence, i haven’t had a moment to write this blog post… i’ve been chasing her nonstop! ha} the 12 hour flight day was a little miserable but Sophia was a champ. we are just about back into a normal routine after changing from the 3 hour time change. whew! i got home and needed a vacation from my vacation. ha.

 xo-kimberly renee


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adventures in the poconos with graham

S and G  

Sophie has a little buddy who is two months younger. we’ve mentioned him before. Graham is the adorable little brother of Owen, sons of our friends from Princeton.

we were blessed with a free cabin in the Poconos for a couple of days earlier this month. SO FUN to get away and catch up with these friends!

2014-08-13 15.51.19

there were walks and games and long chats…oh and a trip to the casino. that was where the starbucks was, fools. ha. {WHY do i have a creeper face?! why why why?}

sharon and graham

the two kiddos were really just curious of each other the whole weekend.


2014-08-14 16.39.31

graham seemed curious of all the hair and all the loud noises that Sophia wants to make. sophia seemed interested in grabbing his poor little face whenever she could. oi. when they’re toddling around, i’m sure they will be fast friends…and graham will be able to fend for himself!

2014-08-14 10.07.43-2

there was also much cuddles and fun time with daddy. he’s been busy this summer and sometimes it feels like we hardly see him! Sophia loved having a few days with him!

almost crawling!

oh and this girl wants to crawl… SO.BAD.

cabin family pic

we stuck the girl in a swimsuit one day to see how she liked the lake.

at the cabin

she really didn’t have a choice. i’m a bossy mother like that.

lake pocono lake pocono2

well at least there were two of us bossy mothers.

can we talk about how baby girls get skimpy little swimsuits and baby boys get covered head to toe? hmmm.

2014-08-13 11.09.22 HDR

the sand was a fun experience!

in the lake2

and i think the lake was too!

in the lake

well she’s at least good at making you believe she loved it. haha. what a fun little adventure.

has anyone else been to the poconos? where do you go? what do you like to do up there?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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