Christmas gift ideas…last chance {and gift for you!}


Christmas wreath

the size of my belly, the kicking is constantly reminding me that i only have a few more weeks until baby girl arrives.

since she is due on the 26th of December, that means that there are only a couple more weeks until Christmas!

shop image

which made me think about my etsy shop because usually this is the busiest time of year for my little shop.

the most popular items are the Red Letter Words Canvases:


and the architectural renderings:

ink and colored

these renderings make for really special gifts for the people in your life who just bought a house, just renovated or remodeled or who just love their home and would like a little artistic rendering of it!

this rendering was made for a girlfriend who wanted to give something special to her parents last Christmas: example2

this one was made for a wife who wanted to give her husband the gift of a rendering of their first home together:  example1

how fun is that?  both were able to tell me specific things that were important to them in the rendering. for the first one, certain trees, like the japanese maple in the driveway were important. for the second, she wanted it to be spring or summer and she said she usually had plants on their front porch.

the way it works is you send me the image of the house you want rendered from the perspective that you want. i work discuss with you any changes you want made to the artistic rendering, then draw and render it and then scan it in. i send you back a jpeg that you can take to Kinkos or any other print shop to get printed at the exact size/quality you want. {one friend made a canvas out hers! so cool!} i will also send you the original copy that is on trace paper. some people like the original better, but i think it prints much brighter after i’ve scanned it in.

i keep thinking how fun this would be for a gift for new homeowners since we just bought our new house this year!

the other popular item is the GRACE or LOVE canvases. the reason i love them so much is because i use old bible pages to create the distressed book-page background and the stenciled letters steal the show and remind us what all those bible pages mean.  love example


i’ve had a few around our apartments through the years, the one above in our Gloucester apartment was in our living room.

and the one below (awful lighting, sorry!) was above our bed in Princeton. love2i’ve also had specific custom requests, like FAITH or JOY instead. any way you want it, it makes a lovely, custom Christmas present!  {btw, aren’t those scrabble letters cute? they are from my friend over at Dirtsa Studio!}

other shop items include:

  • me and my house printable -which is a cheap way to get a little bit of art into your gifts because you can print it as many times as you want!

me and my house- printable

8x8 print of Bethlehem Angel Mixed Media Painting

anyway, the reason i’m promoting my shop is because in order to get everything done in time for Christmas and BABY (AH!!!) i’ll be closing my shop on the 30th of November.

this will give me enough time to get the orders done and mailed because so much is custom! then i do not know when i’ll be reopening after all the holiday/baby excitement! (Eeek!!)

now get excited!

so, i wanted to share with you a special gift coupon code! yay!  if you order anything in my shop between now and Nov. 30th i will take 25% off the order!!

*just put in the coupon code: 25OFFXMAS

thanks for thinking of me for your Christmas gift ideas. let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to check out my shop!

xoxo-kimberly renee



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