Christmas light gazing in The City.

On friday evening, after i had worked, been shopping, visited the construction site, and got home exhausted… we decided to go see The Tree at the Rockefeller Center! I know.

impulsive and crazy.

go at 5 pm? really?

without plans?

without maps?

without even knowing when the train was leaving?

yup. we did it. 🙂

i love being spontaneous… while my husbuddy is totally type A, plan everything, know every detail super man. 🙂 so this was a surprise and adventure for me!

come with me as we go look at the most famous Christmas light show in the country.

 on the train- first step of the adventure!

just a little walk past Macy’s. i love the “believe” lights. 🙂  but we just walked by. we were hungry.

after having some delicious hamburgers and malted shakes (yes. we found that in the City!) we ended up in the crowd by the tree.

i thought these angel sculptures were beautiful. made from wire and all lit up and marching down the way to the tree.

see?? the march.

those are light up snow flakes projected up on the building, and they were snowing! so. cool.

we walked all the way around the tree. {with everyone else in the city}

and look! the view looking straight  up was gorgeous too!

and of course, i had to get a picture of the flute player! {for those of you who don’t know…i used to play the flute for years & the piccolo in marching band in high school} i just loved this guy. 🙂

on our way back to the train, we walked past the empire state building, even that was showing off it’s festive-ness!

Then we walked by the other side of Macy’s. Isn’t it purty?! All of those street side windows have mechanized  displays that tell a story! It was really impressive.

i like standing next to police cars apparently…

we just had to go inside! NOTE: this picture was taken at 10:04 pm. omg. so many people shopping! the decorations were awe inspiring and totally over the top.

And of course, we finally reach the train station again.  I really think that these doors that just lead down to the tracks are beautiful. I’m not going to lie. I know it’s just a train station, but i think it’s pretty.

and this is a picture of how exhausted I am right before I crash on the train ride home. 🙂 What an awesome date! 🙂

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  1. itsahappyblog December 19, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    Awesome date to be sure! I miss living in Philadelphia at Christmastime, any big city is worth a visit this time of year:)

    • kimberlyrenee December 19, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

      yes! it was so fun! 🙂 Philly is pretty too. I’m sure I’llmiss it one day, so I’m trying to soak it up.


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