Christmas time in The City

on Sunday, after church, we decided to take  The City by storm with a couple of friends.

this is how the day started: friend N being silly and Husbuddy wearing my purse. yup. This is going to be fun.haha

after almost dying in a taxi-cab, we made new friends with a nutcracker:joy and kim and nutcracker

from there we went to the MoMA:moma

where we saw my favorite painting: Starry Night by VanGogh starrynight

and my favorite chair by McIntosh and some cool architecture:


view from moma

Then we walked up to Central Park

Joy and KimCentral Park

it was beautiful, but we weren’t there to take in the sites. we were there to ice skate!

Photo Dec 18, 5 36 53 PMPhoto Dec 18, 10 04 38 PMPhoto Dec 18, 10 14 44 PM

awe, who knew that ice skating, in central park, in the evening, with all the pretty lights, at Christmas-time could be so romantic?the group

o wait, I totally had a hunch and was determined to find out. 🙂snowflakes

after dinner at a little french bistro, we also stopped by and said hi to the tree :) 

{which probably came to us care of Washington State…kinda funny that that’s where we’ll be in a few days!}angel2Photo Dec 18, 10 01 50 PMPhoto Dec 18, 10 13 05 PM

yup, found my favorite flute player from last year! {I think maybe my pictures from last year were better?}

Joy and Nathan4-vintagein front of tree

let’s see, how many pictures can we get in front of a sparkly tree??

handsome JT

Husbuddy was tired of pictures at this point. but he was just too cute and the lighting too pretty to stop.

what can I say? I’m a sucker for the magic of sparkly lights. Photo Dec 18, 10 00 35 PM


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  1. Anna December 20, 2011 at 8:45 am #

    I love NYC. I lived there one summer and worked as a waitress. What fun! I would love to see it at Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!

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