colorado mountains and wedding prep

yes, i know, just what you wanted to see. more pictures from colorado. ah. i miss it.   RMNP path2 RMNP sister RMNP elk herd of elk anyone? RMNP sisters3  the week before the wedding included hiking in the mountains…

basically. that’s all we did.


i guess we had other responsibilities too…

such as entertaining this master chef: chef sophia  making sure she had lots of yummy things to eat at Nana’s house… mmmm  and headdresses?  rehearsal dinner sophi rehearsal dinner 2 OH, and helping these two get ready to go on their honeymoonget married!    rehearsal dinner   this is from the rehearsal dinner. they look like they were ready to skip the wedding and head off on the honeymoon, don’tcha think?

oh wait… let’s just look at a couple more mountain photos:

RMNP emerald lake  my favorite day of the whole week.  RMNP leaves   RMNP magic path   RMNP mountain sigh. RMNP leaves2  i can’t help it.

fall on the east coast is beautiful. i always tell people that Colorado doesn’t really have a fall, because well, the leaves change and the next day the wind blows them away, and then it’s winter all of a sudden. not like here, where the colors and brilliant for so long!

but… there’s just not mountains here. and aspen leaves? nope. it’s just not the same.

the week before the wedding was crazy busy. that would be why the one day we took to escape to the mountains may be one of my favorite memories from the trip!

next up… photos from the wedding…

xoxo-kimberly renee


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