colors of harvest

 go ahead… gawk and squeal like a little girl. that’s what i did. so pretty.

the Trenton Farmer’s Market with sweet friends 

i love these two girls! they have the most beautiful hearts and they encourage me in my walk every time we spend time together! 

i wanted to get the whole barrel. but that would not have been good for our itty-bitty apartment. they’re just so funny looking!

mmm. had to get some of these!


i wouldn’t normally say this, but can’t you just smell them?

(I know the spices aren’t really a “harvest” item. But I just thought their orderliness needed to be documented. 🙂 ha!)


look how huge that pumpkin is behind Abby! (hence-the posing on a crate, next to apples, on the ground of a parking lot… a little weird. :)but it worked )

it’s so refreshing to make it to the farmer’s market every couple of weeks. this last weekend was no exception. so much to see and smell and sigh at. 🙂

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  1. tenthoubride October 12, 2010 at 1:55 am #

    beautiful photos!


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