Practice safe design: Use a concept.

— Petrula Vrontikis 

i LOVE this quote! basically because that is what was drilled into me at design school. i just think it’s hilarious the way Petrula said it… 🙂  It’s so important to have a big idea behind a design. most of the time when i try to draw or come up with something that is “pretty” or seems right in MY eye- it’s usually not to someone else’s eye. but, if i have a point or feeling that i’m trying get across behind my drawing and design it comes out as more of a finished idea that people can understand and connect to in their own way. even if i doesn’t come across to someone else the same way you’ve designed it, if you have a big idea behind your project, you will have created a way for the whole project to be connected with a similar purpose.

so on that note… here is a concept image for studioH_________________

pictures courtesy of Traditional Home Mag 




i LOVE the light in this art studio! wouldn't it be a perfect place to create?

Other views of the same studio. light light light!

  note:  I know that the space I’m designing won’t be so tall. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be? And I don’t think there’d be enough room for columns… but cool random idea! 

so as you maybe can tell, the first ideas of concept i have are for: light light light. lots of windows and space. lots of storage like in this image, but not so it feels crowded.  i love how airy and spacious it feels. and don’t you just love the flooring? it’s wood that has been painted or stained like that.  this is just a tip of an iceberg people. I’ll post more photo ideas soon.

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  1. Pamela Holderman March 16, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    OK YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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