counting 8 years with my husbuddy

{warning: mush-lovey-dovey-fest}

kisses at garden of the gods family on 4th_2

at hopewell market Happy O

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dearest husbuddy,

we’ve had 8 years of laughing together and seeking God’s will,

96 months of doing life side by side,

416 weeks of adventures and exploring together,

2,920 mornings of opening my eyes to see your smile,

70,080 hours of knowing my heart belongs to you,

4,204,800 minutes learning how to love you better,

255,288,000 seconds thanking God that i have you by my side.

8 years, 7 homes, 6 years of schooling, 5 states, 4 architecture firms, 3 masters programs, our family of 2… grew by 1 puppy and 1 baby girl… later…(the math kinda failed there)  and my heart is more yours then ever. i am so blessed to love you every day and i’m so thankful for your love to me. you’re the best husbuddy and i thank God for you!

Happy 8th Anniversary!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to counting 8 years with my husbuddy

  1. Lynne Davis August 19, 2014 at 10:05 am #

    What beautiful thoughts and thanksgiving. You are both lucky to have one another. Happy Anniversary.

    Love, Lynne and Van

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