created to create


God created the world {as we all have heard from Gensis 1}…and HE was pretty creative in his creation…don’t you think?

He, Himself, said it was good.

He also created us in HIS image. {Gen. 1:27}


if we are created in HIS image, then by all means, we’ve been created with the creative attribute from God, himself, within us! what a cool thought is that?

it glorifies HIM when we create, because He first created. it glorifies Him when we fellowship as Christian sisters and make things together. it is good. focused double

today we had a girls craft day at church. it was a great chance for any of the ladies who wanted {age 10+} to come and make some Christmas crafts. girls craft da

we made ornaments and word banners and letter tags and candy bags. it was a full morning!

and now i’m exhausted. but it was good.

goodiesthanks to everyone who came out and made it a wonderful time of fellowship and glorifying God together, by being creative. i loved every moment!

xo-kimberly renee



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One Response to created to create

  1. Karen November 16, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Thank you, Kim! I had a great time and so did Leah. I have my word banner hanging off of my mantel. Super crafts and a wonderful morning!

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