ctrl Z {review} and glass vases


i had in my mind something to talk about on here…but then i realized that i was going to post the exact same thing i posted here. seriously. i started typing THE EXACT SAME THING. well.. close enough. have you ever done that? apparently i’m dumb. :-p doh!

oh well. it’s on my mind today. i’m thankful that the CTRL Z “undo” isn’t a real-life option, but that Jesus is. he forgives me and allows me to “start over” so to say 🙂

i needed to hear what i wrote back then, today. 🙂 funny how that works. this blog is kind of a journal in that way.

thanks for putting up with me friends.




ps-i really like all the dust you can see on my pretty vase. looks classy, dontcha think?

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