cute face.


this is going to get mushy.

watch out and avoid reading if you are easily made queasy.

***  ***  ***

Let me show you something::

nope, don’t look at me trying to tell my little sister how to work the camera.

Look at the Husbuddy::


Look close at the cute face.

Those dimples and that smile that melts my heart every time I see it.

He doesn’t like to show off his cute face for normal pictures…

see? he’s hiding them!

so I have to get a good look at his cute face on random pictures taken by my sister when I’m not looking…

so let’s zoom in.

awe… those dimples… and you can’t even see the ones on the other cheek! 🙂

i LOVE seeing those dimples.

{even when he’s making fun of me, which is what i’m pretty sure he’s doing in this picture}

oh, how i LOVE being married to a man who has dimples!


sigh. yes, it got sappy there for a few minutes.


but seriously, thanks Babe, for laughing at me from time to time, just so i can see those cute things 🙂

Happy 5th Anniversary, Sweetheart.



dear everyone else, thanks for putting up with the mushiness!




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