dancing in minefields {6th anniversary}

today marks the 6th year since our wedding day. i can’t believe it’s been 6 years! on one side it feels like it’s been way longer. we’ve had way too many adventures for 6 years. 😉 on the other side it feels like we’re still barely newly weds, learning how to love each other on a daily basis.

i just heard this song on one of Husbuddy’s playlists the other day. i’ve been listening to it over and over.  i think it describes this thing called marriage perfectly. can i share it with you? it’s called  “dancing in minefields” {go ahead, click on the link and listen to the official video, it’s a beautiful song).


a couple lyrics that stick out and seem to be speaking about our marriage personally:

“…everyone said we were much too young, but we did it anyway…”

“…we went dancing in the mine fields, we went sailing in the storms and it was harder than we dreamed, but i believe that’s what the promise is for…”

“‘i do’ are the two most famous last words, the beginning of the end”

“but to loose your life for another i’ve heard is a good place to begin, because the only way to find a life is to lay your own life down and i believe it’s an easy price for the life we have found”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”

” so when i loose my way, find me. when i loose loves’ chains, bind me… at the end of all my faith, to the end of all my days, when i forget my name, remind me…”

“we bear the light of the son of man, so there’s nothing left to fear”

“i’ll walk with you in the shadow lands until the shadows disappear, cause He promised not to leave us, and his promises are true”

“…so in the face of all this chaos, baby i can dance with you.”

“so lets go dancing in the mine fields, go sailing in the storms…”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”


isn’t that a beautiful song?! i love that it talks about the reality that marriage is hard. this summer, we feel like it’s been especially hard. is it ok to be honest here? moving was hard on us and our marriage. being in a new place where we know no one after being surrounded by so many friends in jersey, has been hard. husbuddy being so sick this past year and still trying to figure the gf/df stuff all out, is hard. trusting that God knows what He is doing with our life as we start another year of schooling without much income… is hard.

but this song reminds me that we have to work at it every day. it’s like dancing in minefields. it’s hard and seems impossible. but, our marriage is so worth it and the promise that we made to each other is there.  the promise that Christ made to us, is there and true.

it’s a beautiful dance, and baby, i choose to dance it with you. to my sweetheart and husbuddy, Happy Anniversary!

with all my love, kimberly renee.

{all images copyright by Beth Bennett!}

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0 Responses to dancing in minefields {6th anniversary}

  1. The Traveling Pancakes August 18, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    Congratulations on 6years! You are one good looking couple 🙂

  2. Jennifer August 18, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    what a beautiful song! it does sum up marriage pretty well. 🙂 we have been through the big moves, no friends thing too…it IS hard! And the schooling through marriage; we were just 19 year old babies when we got married, so we’ve done most of it together. 🙂 Wouldn’t change a thing, either!
    congrats to you, and may you continue to grow stronger in love and Christ together for many, many more years!

  3. Pam Holderman August 18, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    beautifully put. so happy for you today and always. see you so soon…


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