day 16

if you’re wondering why in the world i’m publishing so many random pictures: check out this post.

day 16

with a lack of anything inspiring to photograph today, i took a photo of my dinner. {photographing food is hard! i know these last few of food, have not been very good pictures… sorry!! i’m working on it!!} Man. Let me tell you, Husbuddy makes a mean Mac-n-Cheese! i am not one to encourage this kind of behavior because i’m pretty sure most of the mac-n-cheeses i’ve ever had are pretty horrible and disgusting and a total waste of calories… but this one… yum! 🙂

well…i better not lie… actually it’s Pioneer Woman’s Fancy Macaroni

Husbuddy stole it.

{shh! don’t tell!}

it’s just that one day he tried it and loved it and now is calling it “Daddy’s Mac” because he wants to perfect it before we have kids. you know,  for those nights when momma isn’t home to cook… hee hee. SO. CUTE.


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