{day 18} do not be discouraged

“The Devil has two very masterful tricks. The first is to tempt us to become discouraged, for then we are defeated and of no service to others, at least for a while. The other is to tempt us to doubt, thereby breaking the bond of faith that unites us with the Father. So watch out! Do not be tricked either way.”

-G.E.M.  Streams in the Desert


I thought this quote was poignant to this series.  Do not be discouraged in what you are doing. This series is about letting go of control. When you do that sometimes things go a way you don’t expect. Sometimes when things don’t go the way you want them to, you doubt that it’s working, you get discouraged and you try to take control back.

But really, when you let go of control and you give it to God, whose hands are bigger and better to handle it?


Thanks for joining me on my 31 days of artfully letting go!

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