{day 21} of artfully letting go…

well, it’s already 11 pm here! almost didn’t make it today! eek!!

Today’s “letting go” post just kept slipping away from me. I kept running out of time, couldn’t think of anything to say and I just had to “let go” of the fact that things just weren’t going my way! wow. Talk about a lesson in letting go. i just could not control it. :-p

so, i’m thinking it’s another good day to talk about grace. because i needed that grace today. let’s just take a moment to just breathe in a little bit more grace. i’m all about soaking in a big bathtub of grace right about now 🙂 so here’s a little poem from my favorite devotional:


He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,

He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;

To added affliction HE addeth His mercies,

To multiplied trials His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted out store of endurance,

When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,

When we reach the end of our hoarded resources

Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

His love has no limit, His grace has no measure,

His power no boundary known unto men;

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus

He giveth and giveth and giveth again.

-Annie Johnson Flint- Streams in a Desert

thanks Annie for writing that beautiful reminder. and thanks be to God for His grace that is constantly holding me.

and thanks for understanding, friends!

in His grace-kimberly renee.

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