{day 23} change something to make it more useful

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… to change something I know I love, but don’t use as much as I would if it was just fixed a little bit 🙂

I have this dress, from a couple years ago: this picture is from our 2nd Anniversary!

2ndAnniversary 017

it was a really good sale from Anthropology! I wore it more often a few years ago then I did this summer. I kept wanting to wear it this summer but I didn’t feel comfortable in the halter top anymore.initial dress layout

so I wanted to change it to a skirt.

initial dress

today I decided to go for it.

(please excuse our messy room!eek!)

I just cut off the top and added an elastic band.skirt

so now I have a new maxi-skirt!

skirt on

hopefully now this skirt will get more use!

now, is there something that you could change just a little bit to get more use out of it?


kimberly renee

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