{day 27} keeping it simple.

sometimes, the simplier the better.  sometimes simple is the best way to let go.

this painting from a couple of years ago is still Husbuddy’s favorite one.

some days when he reminds me of that, i’m a little offended  because it is by far the easiest and simpliest painting i’ve ever done.

but sometimes, you just gotta roll with the fact that simple really is better.

{please, ignore the nail holes!!*eek, pink cheeks*}

my original goal for this painting had been to copy the Audrey Hepburn “pop art” paintings that you could get really cheaply at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Ikea at the time. like this:
but we didn’t have the dough even if it was “cheap”.
so i made my own! and i personalized it!
it’s not exactly what we look like, i’ll give you that. {especially since my dear father-in-law made fun of this painting back in the day…but i think he was looking at it upside down or something} but, it’s fun and did i mention that it’s still Husbuddy’s favorite?
oh, yup. already mentioned that. well, he reminds me all the time…
so today, i’m going to teach you how to make your own Black and White Personalized Pop Art!
{if it seems too hard still, or you’re afraid of paint, don’t worry,  it will also be a listing in my etsy shop and i could make a custom one for you!}
-black and white paint
-pictures printed out to the size you want them
-exacto knife
1. paint the canvas with the white color. i know it seems redundant, but this way, if you mess up you can touch it up with the white color! otherwise, there’s no way to touch it up (trust me!)
2. cut out the details that you want to show up on the canvas. this picture looks funny because i first put it through the “posterize” filter in photoshop. when i do that, it makes the dark areas stand out more, so it’s a little easier to figure out which details to cut out.
3. hold up and admire your cut out picture, see if there is any thing missing… what’s tricky is making sure that you don’t cut the whole face out… it would defeat the purpose. we’re going for just cutting out the shadows and leaving the areas we want white.
4. use the image like a stencil and carefully paint the face onto the canvas!
get your second image ready.
5. hang up your genius artwork that you just adore.
6.admire and see if there is any white “touch ups” you need to do. (for example, in the image above you can see that there are a couple splotches on his shoulder and lapel… i just painted a couple coats of white over that area, see below)
so easy! so sophisticated!
and now you can go impress your husbuddy (or beautiful wife) with your own version!
(or like i said, i can do it for you, for sale HERE)
May you let go through a simple piece of artwork today my friends!
xo-kimberly renee
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