{day 28} art journaling… imperfection in letting go


sometimes to “let go” I just work in my art journal.

note: an art journal is something deeply personal, like a diary, but it may or may not be filled with pretty pictures. they may be ugly pictures! it is NOT perfect! that’s the beauty of it! it’s a place to just get out ideas on paper, to doodle, to make a mess, to let go of a little bit of silly creativity and luckily a journal is personal and no one is going to see it, so it is a way of letting go of the imperfection. journal-3

whether it be a study of another picture as you learn how to draw faces…


or some completely random clocks and cages modge-podged together because, I mean, that just makes total sense when that’s just how you feel…


or maybe it’s just a silly girly little pencil drawing.

any way, it’s a way of letting go and taking a few minutes to find peace in making a little bit of messy art. 

dearest friends, don’t even think about what you’re doing and what it should look like. just let your pencil drawer, or your paintbrush paint, even if it’s something silly and immature like a little girl holding balloons.

For more inspiration about art journaling check out this blog HERE. She has been working for the whole month on her own art journal. and it’s beautiful. and totally, perfectly imperfect.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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  1. agirlandherbrush October 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    i love the clock page! very fun. thanks for sharing my blog. blessings!

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