{day 6} make a little sketch


study something that you have around the house and make a little sketch!

it’s simple. it’s ok if it’s not perfect. just take some time and really study it. give up on what you think it should look like (like how when we did the blind contours of the hand) and just focus on the individual parts of the object. this helps you to see the object in a new way. give up what you’re holding on to. let what you see, come out on the paper.

this sketch was made with pen. it’s a little difficult to shade in pen, it doesn’t blend like a pencil would, so I made a lot of little hatch lines. this helped to give it dimension. it may make it look a little funny, but it was a peaceful exercise. in the process of letting go, it helps to just focus on one thing and let everything else around you disappear. sketching is a great exercise in letting go!

If you do today’s project, let me know what you sketched! 🙂


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