declaring 2012 finished

it’s a little late. i realize that. already the 11th of the new year! but my mind is still trying to process 2012. and i haven’t even really had a chance to dream about 2013! i blame it on the mayan cold that i brought back from Mexico. it’s knocking me flat…mostly just making me wish i was laying flat. …anyway…

the beach

this post is about declaring 2012 finished.

i want to declare it finished because i’m holding onto it.  it was a good year! i’m kind of sad that 2012 is over for some reason.  it was a full year of friends and adventures. we faced fears  and conquered struggles.  it was hard but good. it was a miracle when  Husbuddy graduated. it was a year full of new places to see and lots of new people to meet. we moved to the North Shore of Boston. it was a year of lots new beginnings.  as well as temporary feeling ones.  i played with my camera a lot and practiced 31 days of prayer. we figured out a lot  Husbuddy’s health issues and learned how to cook in new ways. Husbuddy learned what it was like to feel normal again and not be so sick.

it was a good/hard/adventuresome/lots-to-learn kind of year.

at the pool

i started last year with one word: contentment. you can see where i flesh why i chose that word here last january. it was a good year to focus on being content because so many things were up in the air and changing.i also wrote this post about half way through 2012 to talk about how i felt like i was doing. contentment was a good word because it helped me to focus on the only ONE who can bring contentment.  i feel like i’ve no where near mastered being content- but i feel like i understand a little more of what that word really means.

and that’s kind of cool to say out loud.

pretty trees

it was a good year. and i’m thankful for what we experienced through it.  as i look to 2013, for some reason i’m dragging my feet … i think it’s because 2012 was so good. we were so content just to live life… and now,  to think that we’re facing another new year- with a lot more change- i’m hesitant to start it…

so, i’m taking a few days to think of a 2013 “word of the year“. i’ll keep ya posted! 😉

but i declare 2012 good and i declare it finished. thank you, Lord, for providing such a wonderful/hard/trusting/adventuresome year!


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  1. Pam Holderman January 11, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    hmmm nice recap and I just may need to think of a word for the year too. have not done that before. 😉


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