diy advent calendar {easy!}

advent is only a couple days away from starting! so i wanted to share this little project with you. diy advent

the past couple of years, Husbuddy and i have walked through John Piper’s advent book: {which can be found here:} i think that’s my favorite thing about advent. we actually sit down and read scripture or a ltitle devo together! we TOTALLY need to be better about that the rest of the year! but i LOVE the tradition of preparing our hearts for Jesus.

Good News of Great Joy (Free Advent eBook)


{a little snippet from the free ebook!}

i really like what Desiring God says in the preface about what Advent is for. it’s for ADORING JESUS!

it has been very fun to have this little “tradition” together and it has been very meaningful for us! here is a sample of the daily reading:


and in case you need other ideas, here are a few that i am interested in: Slide5

Ann Voskamp Unwrapping the Greatest Gift and The Greatest Gift both look awesome. when Sophie gets older, i’m thinking Unwrapping the Greatest Gift will be great because it has a story for every day! The Greatest Gift looks like it would be really good for my heart. and the Dobson one: Family Christmas looks like it has family stories as well.

ok, so what i wanted to do is to make my own advent calendar using the verses from Piper’s ebook! {note, these are for his older ebook, they just came out with a new one this year!}

2014-11-18 21.06.26


  • i got these paper bags {set of 25!} but you can also find them at Michaels.
  • i have 25 number tags {printable below!} -just download and print!
  • set of 25 verses {printable below!} -just download and print!
  • twine, washi tape, mini clothes pins, ornaments anything else you need to decorate!

here are the two printables:


PRINTABLES : Number TAGS  & Verses {page 1, page 2}




see? only 4 steps! easy peasy! haha.

here are some more samples to give you ideas:

Slide11  via pinterest


{via pinterest }

they can be super simple or really decorative!

other ideas to put in envelopes:

  • ornaments/candy
  • family time together (game night, ice skating, make xmas cookies, xmas movie night, caroling…)
  • scavenger hunt clues
  • service projects to do together (make cookies for neighbors, give toys away, buy a toy for a stranger…)
  • be creative!

ok, so just so you know, ALL i did was cut out the verses and put them in the envelopes and glued the number tags on the outside. that IS IT. i didn’t get too creative. but it still looks fun hanging on our wall and it will be good just to have the daily reminder to read our devotional and focus on Jesus!  advent is about preparing our hearts and our homes for Jesus’ coming on Christmas. making it fun with a daily advent reading is a great tradition!

don’t be intimidated to try to make it perfect! just have fun counting down the days and bringing your family back to focus on the reason for this season!

have fun!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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