diy bookshelves for baby’s room


diy bookshelves

the idea from these bookshelves are all over pinterest. i won’t pretend this idea is original. (click on the link to see other ideas!) but i’m still pretty excited about it! while my sister was here we worked on a couple of the last projects i had in mind for the nursery. this was super easy once i had all the pieces!

first, let’s talk about how cheap these shelves are from ikea: wait for it… $3.99 bookshelves

yup. 1 cent short of 4 dollas!

ok, so quality wise, they are what you pay for. but since we don’t yet own a saw, and husbuddy has been REALLY busy with church stuff, i had to attempt this on my own. and this seemed like a good way to get what i wanted quickly {during baby girl’s naps} and easy and cute.


my sister showing off her DIY skillz.  isn’t she the cutest?

bookshelves put together

they would work just fine just wood, but i thought it would be fun to paint them.  painting shelves2 painting shelves


yes, i am on the floor of our “office” that currently has a leaky roof, painting these shelves… easy peasy. two coats of primer because the wood really soaked it up and then two coats of yellow paint! you can see my yellow paint up in the first photo that it was just a paint sample from lowes. talk about a great way to get a small amount of color because each sample only costs a couple of dollars. this yellow was “last season’s” yellow so it was even on sale! holla!

nursery-bookshelf close up

husbuddy still doesn’t trust me to screw things into the plaster walls, so he took point on that part. but there ya go, a couple of dollars later, they are done! here’s a sneak peak of the finished shelves filled with all of our baby books {nursery show off post coming soon!}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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