DiY corkboard *a saturday project*

have you always saved all your wine corks but never known what to do with them? Well have I got a project for you!

my corkboard made of wine corks

All you need is:

a pretty cool frame ( or a normal one- I went with a pretty cool one though)

As many of your wine corks as you can find

an exacto knife

a hot glue gun and/or  tacky glue

a dark piece of paper

and a helper 🙂 or not

yea he’s my little helper! don’t mind the trash bag in the background. gross! i realize i was cleaning up at the same time and since it was my birthday when i made this i had a lot of wrapping paper to clean up… hence the trash bag. no usually i don’t leave trash bags lying around. oops. :-p

Step 1: attach the pretty piece of dark paper to the backing of the frame.

This is so that when we finish our cork board… if it isn’t perfect and we have holes the dark paper hides the holes better than  a light background like some of the picture frame backgrounds. You can see the holes in mine at the end and because of the dark paper it gives it a shadow & kind of disappears.

Step 2: Make a border around the edge of the frame with the corks,

play around with which ones fit so you can completely cover the border. Use the hotglue gun to get all the corks secure to the paper and the frame. If you want to ever use this frame again for something else don’t glue to the frame.  But I did for stability.

notice how all my corks aren’t perfect. some are bigger than others. The left side doesn’t match the right. IT’S OK! It doesn’t have to be perfect people. That’s what gives it charm! :-p

Step 3: Start filling in the middle.

Start on one side and make your way across. I liked the look of mixing up which ones were facing up and down vs. side to side. That way I could do sets of two up and down and then match it with sets of two (or three if that’s what fit) side to side. It gives it a checkerboard look. Sometimes you have to cut a cork to get it fit into a space. That is ok! Sometimes you have to cut a cork to get it fit into a space. That is ok! Just be careful when cutting it. Don’t hurt yourself and sue me or something.

Step 4: and now just fill in the rest of the frame!

Can you tell which ones were cut in half from the picture?! nope. not really. if you look closely you can. but it still is cork and it works  for me 🙂

now you just have to find the perfect place to hang it! 🙂

like right there, above my sewing machine and my art supplies next to the window 🙂  again, please don’t mind the mess :-p it’s a work in progress. not a mess.

let me know if you make one! I’d love to see yours! 🙂 Have fun with this Saturday project!


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