{DIY} earring holder


diy earring holder

this is so easy, i’m sure you don’t even need a tutorial. we are still working on a little corner in our bedroom that will be a “dressing area”…basically that means a counter with some drawers and a mirror… but we’ve already hung up this part of it because i just needed it to be organized!  and every time i hang up my earrings on my new- organized- earring holder i relish the fact that they aren’t piled in a messy drawer. ha. it’s the simple things in life, right? so, without further adieu…

earring holder

i started with a metal sheet panel from lowes that i cut down to size and an empty frame.

earring holder2

then i spray painted the metal white. i debated on whether i should just spray the frame too, but i decided to wait. i kind of liked the wood look for now.

then i just used some super glue to glue the metal into the frame.

earring holder back

then i added a picture hanger on the back of the frame

earring holder4 earring holder3

and i admired how easy that was!

earring holder5

then i postponed taking the final pictures because we were supposed to get more of our “dressing area” done by now. but it’s not and i don’t know when we’ll have the cash to do so, so for now, here is the finished earring holder + octopus necklace hanger{love these from young house love!}

earring holder6

hopefully someday soon i can show you more of our little dressing area!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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