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this post is about two weeks late. but oh well! i just wanted to share how we created a little kitchenette for Sophia for Christmas. i knew that she would LOVE playing with a kitchen because of how much she loved the one at Nana’s house. but i also didn’t want to spend the money to buy a plastic one… that could be potentially ugly, since it would be hanging out in our main living space. plus, Husbuddy and i have so much fun with projects, we knew we wanted to give this one a try!

we followed the steps from the YHL website but tweaked it to fit what we wanted. {for full step by step directions, go there!}

basically, we started with this:

IMG_5584  it is a cabinet that is 24″ tall and about 30″ wide. it probably had it’s first life above a refridgerator. we found it at the Habitat for Humanity REstore{such an awesome place btw!}

then we split up. Husbuddy made a counter and stained it and we found a metal bowl for the sink. i painted the outside and the inside because Husbuddy hates painting. Husbuddy rehung the right door so it would open like an oven door.  IMG_5674  then we added details.

it’s ALL IN THE DETAILS! you guys! seriously, it’s the details that makes it fun.

  • we found a cheap faucet and installed it.
  • we thought about trying to make a fake one out of pvc pipe or something…but i’m sooooo glad we didn’t because the sink faucet is her favorite part!
  • we got little wooden drawer pulls and painted them silver,
  • painted the stove top on
  • we got new hardware
  • we attached a hook on the side for a future apron{Nana, we’re waiting for it…}
  • we got a push light and attached it to the ceiling of the “oven” side so that we can have light in there{totally stole that idea from YHL!},
  • we made a pink shelf for the cabinet side under the sink
  • we added little feet(which you can’t see in the pictures) to keep the cabinet about an inch off the ground since our floors are uneven.
  • and i took apart an old cookie rack so that we could have an oven shelf.
  • we cut out a hole in the oven door and glued plexi glass on.

whew! it was fun to figure it all out.


and here it was all set up for Christmas:  kitchenette cmas eve

kitchenette cmas morning

the minute we walked down the stairs on Christmas morning, Sophia squealed! she had no idea what was going on! but she ran straight to that kitchen sink and played with the faucet. immediately. ha. it was super cute. i had also found a little kids chair at an antique shop and painted it as her other xmas gift from us. she promptly moved the teddy bear that was sitting on it and scooted the chair over the sink. it really made us so excited to have created this for her!

kitchenette play2

later that day we moved the kitchenette over to it’s place next to our refridgerator and in front of the chalk board. it’s super easy to move. she enjoys working in her kitchen while i’m working in mine. hee hee. all the grandparents supplied the necessities to fill the kitchen, so it worked out great!

kitchenette play

the only thing that we haven’t figured out is that the plexi glass popped off that day. it was super glued on, so we’re not sure how else we’re going to attach it. right now it works just fine with an open hole that she can reach in anyway.

playing on cmas day

and now, her birthday is tomorrow and we don’t know what to get her. ha. she’s two, do you think she really needs anything else? haha.

has anyone else ever made their own kitchenette verses buying one? how did it turn out for you?

xoxo-kimberly renee

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