homemade stockings

we have been married 7 years. that’s 7 Christmases. and we have never had our own Christmas stockings. i blame that on the fact that we have never had Christmas at our own place before. we’ve always traveled to one of our homes for Christmas, so we’ve always had our stockings from growing up. this will be our first Christmas at our own house!


so i decided we needed our own stockings as we start our own traditions.

the problem was that store bought stockings are expensive! i guess, i should clarify, the ones i like are expensive! pretty ones from west elm or pottery barn can run you 20-30$ each! {of course they are on sale now…but i doubt you’d get it in time for Christmas! i should have planned ahead after Christmas last year}  but at that price, and since i wanted 3 of them, {i had to include baby girl!}  that meant i was going to spend up to 60$ on a little decoration…

not exactly in our budget…

first i found some wool felt fabric that i loved. i wanted plaid. i was looking for a red version, but i fell in love with this black and white version. it was 14$ a yard. i bought 1 yard and that was plenty for all 3!


then i printed out a basic stocking pattern {i found this one from Amy Butlerand cut out the pieces. i didn’t want the plaid to run straight up and down, i wanted it more on an angle so i probably wasted some of the fabric that way. but i still fit all 3 so it worked for me.

i roughly used the Amy Butler directions…but i didn’t have lining or trim or anything fancy like that, so i just flew by the seat of my pants. seems like that is how life is these days anyway… ha!


i sewed them together and made a little fold over top. i have the rough edges showing. like i said, SEAT OF MY PANTS… which means, i just went with what felt right and didn’t make it perfect. the rough edges may fray down the line, but i figure it gives it more interest then if i had sewed them inside out like regular stockings.

i’ll just keep telling myself that.

{and probably in a year or two i’ll want new ones anyway!}


here’s the finished view. i added a little ribbon hook and big fat red button for decoration. then i cut out large letters to distinguish who’s stocking is who’s. and yes, baby girl has her own stocking with her own initial…but it’s still a secret, remember?! {unless by the time this publishes she’s made her grand arrival…which means you probably all know already!}

close up detail

they’re a little rough and TOTALLY IMPERFECT. but i think they’re cute.

stockings hangin

especially all lined up in a row on our railing. just waiting to be filled with lovely little gifts tonight.

now if only we had a mantle to hang them on… don’t worry, it’s on the to-do list for next year! ha.

xoxo-kimberly renee


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