vintage looking curtains and a how-to {day 14}

it’s the little things in life. like vintage yellow sheets and drapes fluttering in the breeze.

day 14

the windows in our bathroom are original single pane wood casements. so old school! like downstairs, i didn’t really want to put up drapes but we have a similar view down to the neighbors as downstairs… so in an effort to stop flashing them… we needed to do something.
image 1
I didn’t want to frost them like downstairs though because all the individual panes would have been a headache and probably would end up looking bad.
So instead I bought a 3$ tension rod and was determined to make my own drapes for free. (it is ridiculous how much money we’ve already spent on house stuff so I have to look for every way to save a dime)
So I created a tutorial for you nice folks:
how to make vintage drapes

first i got out some of my old vintage sheet fabric. i only have small quarter yard pieces but i think these vintage sheets are so pretty! i was sad to use it up, but it’s way more fun to USE it instead of leave it in the box, right?! {there ya go, now you know what to get me for Christmas, vintage sheets in pretty colors! hee hee} i am LOVING yellow these days.

image 2

my initial idea was to patchwork square pieces by cutting up the quarter yard pieces together.

then i was inspired by my ruffled shower curtain. {i already had the yellow rug which just made me happy} image 1 b

so ruffles it was going to be!

first i cut each quarter-yard piece in half. then i cut a lining piece that would be the right size for each drape.

then i hemmed.image 3


hem hem hem like crazy. i had to hem 3 sides of each ruffle to get it all to have a finished edge.

then i hemmed the two long sides of the lining.

image 4


next, fold over the top of the lining to create a drapery  rod pocket.

image 5

make sure it’s big enough to comfortably slide the drapery rod into.

then , attach the top ruffle to the top of the rod-pocket. this was a little tricky to figure out because i had to sew the right side to the wrong side of pocket to get the top of the drape to hang the way i wanted it to. i didn’t want to see the seam. image 6


once i got the first ruffle started, i laid out the rest of the ruffles and pinned them to the lining to get them even.

it depends on how long you want the drapes, but i ended up sewing the bottom ruffle to the hem of the lining to make it a little longer {i didn’t have enough lining fabric to make it as long as i wanted} 

make sure you keep the ruffles on each drape the same length…otherwise it will look funny when you hang it. image 7


there you go! that’s it! slide it onto your 3$ rod and you’ve got gorgeous, vintage looking curtains!


what do you think? do you love the vintage feel of these as much as i do?

day 14

xoxo-kimberly renee

ps- who’s getting me some vintage sheets to replace my stash for Christmas? no, seriously…

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